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Summary of yoi

Treating each incompetence or joke as an attack just shows your complete immaturity and lack of emotional strength. Yeah yoi had a bad past. BUT SO DID THEY.

@Alikurai I find a lot of Pop figures really ugly, there are very few that I actually really like and am willing to collect. But I'm also really picky with nendoroids too, there haven't been many the past few years aside from the Yoi ones that I've really really wanted

14. Not really, i actually started watching a few figure skating videos on youtube because of YOI 😂 15. I haven't, but tbh i really want to. I'm sure figure skating is even more amazing in the flesh! 16. I want to! But never really had the chance to yet haha

I have the worst habit of spelling yoi instead of YOU, fuckkkkkkk

@amandaseales Naw you are corny.. All that black man hating shit is a wrap. You think you are smart but you are completely dumb, talking iys black men fault trump is in office..yoi just a lame ass bird..good riddance!!!✌