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Summary of yoi

@MadLawReview @marcorubio Gee, no barely relatable scripture to pander to those who, like yoi, pretend to be Christians? @marcorubio YOU and your ilk who fail to decry and combat the toxicity of this administration are the embodiment of hypocrisy.

@mokito_11 If you wish to receive overseas, please use the overseas service (,Inc).

@mokito_11 Sorry, The clear file is printing―in the press. Mail order is from here this site.I'll let you know once it's been decided. This site does not have direct shipment to overseas.

@tamannasjl Wow Can Yoi Please Send me on Whatsapp if Possible ?


@gyutyphoon YOI is that anime with one season but hundreds of collaborations so we got more merchs than episodes

@davedodgers Bro you replied to their victim trap! So now they will call you toxic once yoi replied

Chris is a bottom with that big ass lol #yaoiscience #yoi

@deathtunnelinn Do yoi think they will use pumpernickel when making their fuck-sandwich?

Just 5% of S&P, yet some would have yoi believe there is a “war on men” in America…