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@TannerBierly @XboxSupport Well, People don't wanna hear it and don't want to play with toxic people. If you get banned, you have to take it up with the Xbox Support Chat, Try to contact a Live Agent. If they feel you violated their terms and conditions, there is nothing we can do to help you but /1

I don’t wanna play video games where talking shit gets you banned within 5 minutes. Quit being soft @XboxSupport

Hi. I buyed Luminies Live for Xbox 360 but doesn’t appear on my X One backw compatible games. Not on the ready to install section and the @XboxSupport

@XboxSupport. Im getting this still. This wifi interference is ridiculous and id like to know how to fix my controller issues.

@bsbracer @XboxSupport Once your current subscription runs out, it will rollover and show you your new expiration date.

@eviltedi @XboxSupport Hmm that is quite unfortunate 🙁 Sorry that you are having this experience with actually contacting Microsoft Support. Give me a bit here and I will contact my community manager and get back to you with an official response. I hope we can get this resolved for you. /1

@XboxSupport i have a game pass subscription that's live but at the moment when i go on to game pass on the console is asking me to join?

@iain11377015 @XboxSupport No I haven't. Do you know where I can get it? Thanks.

@Hoodedarche0 @XboxSupport I've stopped trying the deals, and the one I had issues with has mysteriously disappeared. I went to my account, memberships, XBL Gold, clicked on it to extend,,,, same issue, try again later page could not load and the same error code. It's really poor.

@XboxSupport. I am having massive controller issues. The controller shows its connected to the console and is not blinking yet is not responsive. This is happening with all my controllers.

@Hoodedarche0 @XboxSupport I know it's an error with the store and content. The same code is affecting other players too. However, no reply in 8 days ? That's poor support, in fact it's none existent support. I'm really annoyed about this. Also the community is not the issue, Xbox Support is the issue.

@eviltedi @XboxSupport May I please enquire into the deal you are trying to redeem?

@eviltedi @XboxSupport Hi Evil! Sorry to see you had so many issues with that. That's not the way we want people to experience the community. Forgive me as I get up to speed. Digging into the error code (as others have done) it appears to be an error with the store and content

@WickedStarfishX @YouTube @TeamYouTube @Xbox @XboxSupport Yep yep. I’ve tried.. many things. But Xbox and youtube have terrible reporting tools for bugs and customer support.

@survivetheark @XboxSupport my friend cannot connect to any ark PvE servers on Xbox one. It keeps saying failed to join: could not retrieve address. She tried reinstalling, hard reset, restarting game, and recovering Xbox profile. Nothing works. #ArkSurvivalEvolved. #xboxone

Here with another update. Our teams are still working hard to resolve the issue with FIFA 19 Ultimate & Champions Editions. We will provide another update if there are changes or when it is resolved. Thanks for your continued reports, we hear you!…

Good news - it seems our engineers understand the issue and are working on fixing things as we speak. In the meantime, please refrain from uninstalling, as that will not resolve the issue. Stay tuned for more updates coming soon.…

Another update - the inability to launch the Ultimate Edition and Champions Edition of FIFA 19 is still being looked into. We appreciate all the reports coming in and will continue updating regularly until resolution.…