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Summary of xboxsupport

@u4dannyboy @XboxSupport You're forever linked.. all you did was remove your console from the preview. You'll need to take your xbox outside and set it on fire to remove your profile. Good luck brother

@XboxSupport Is The Worst Support Page Ever, After 2 Months, I Still Haven't Had Support On My Xbox, Bloody Ridiculous, Starting To Think About Moving To PlayStation 😡😡

@Devollo2 @XboxSupport @XboxP3 @Nintendo @RareLtd I love the Banjo games. It's all going to come down to the game developer and if they want to port the game over to other consoles/make them backward compatible.

@anthemgame is something going on with the servers iam playing on a X1X and the game keeps crashing I can't play @XboxSupport is something up on xbox side?

@XboxSupport @XboxP3 @Nintendo @RareLtd Please make Banjo Threeie for Nintendo Switch

@beckyboo_13 @FortniteGame @XboxSupport I managed to do it, but after 3 hours, same problem 🙁

@XboxSupport why am I seeing this when I’ve already been charged for next month? what a joke lol

test Twitter Media - @XboxSupport why am I seeing this when I’ve already been charged for next month? what a joke lol

@NetflixUK @XboxSupport why has the play continuously option been removed from xbox one?

@Levi_Weeks7799 @XboxSupport I can only tell you to get in touch with support so they can give you a solution.…

@XboxSupport I preordered the deluxe edition of black desert but i want the ultimate edition and i was wondering if you could exchange it for the ultimate and i can pay the difference or if you could possibly refund it so i can buy the ultimate edition

@choppyseize @DavidBrewis_ @XboxSupport No mate, tried that solution and all my settings are public

@XboxSupport I am struggleing to download the free version of Minecraft on Xbox one

@XboxSupport havint issues with the game store the deal just keeps spinning

@TechNekoTV @XboxSupport Contact the retailer you brought it from

@XboxSupport i just bought a 6 Month Xbox Live Gold Card, and its telling me the code has already been redeemed and not adding the 6 months to my account.

We understand that some of you are currently seeing the "try that again" error when attempting to purchase content, redeem codes, or access your subscriptions. If you are, we have teams taking a look into this now and we'll update here when we have more info to provide.

One more reminder that tomorrow maintenance on Xbox 360 titles & services may interrupt gameplay, including back compat. More info including times can be found here

Our teams are continuing to address issues regarding access to your owned content on Xbox One & error code 0x87e107df. Thanks for sticking with us, we’ll be sure to post updates here when we have more to provide.…