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@Timcast Black voters would vote for Robert E Lee if he promised to hurt wypipo. They’re totally, multigenerationally lost as an underclass.

Liberal wypipo are all for everything you stand for until you tell em you don't drink. Now you're an "other."

@Krypsim @TalbertSwan Ok so according to Wikipedia, 3000$ for 500000 holocaust survivors in the USD of the time based on an average “cost of resettlement”. Reparations would be an amount paid to whom based on what, and after it’s paid is the US forgiven? Are wypipo?

see? wypipo can't even be trusted as your neighbor. you don't do this to an Aggie #ncat

Bernie Sanders literally marched with black folks for the culture back in the day... STOP TELLING WHITE GIRLS THEYRE “black” BECAUSE THEY CAN SHAKE THEIR ASS!! It’s 2019!! Wypipo aren’t growin up on banjos & spoon taps anymore! Of course they bound to have rythem lol

@CNN These wypipo don't represent America.

Wypipo have the luxury of "doing what they love" if they can't see that privelege. It's not my problem.

Ayo fam dont do that Wypipo shit lmaoooooo🤣🤣🤣…

Damn. Wypipo drama be interesting asl 👀…

@Scaredofadayjb It seems pretty neutral to me, especially when I’m critiquing whiteness. Wypipo will be alright. If not, then that means that they have to address something within themselves. Wypipo doesn’t hold the same weight as actual racial slurs. Feel me?

Dear wypipo If, after all the video footage you’ve seen of police brutalizing, assaulting, tasing, choking, shooting, & murdering unarmed Black men, women, & children, you still refuse to acknowledge our racist, disparate treatment and unequivocally defend police, YOU’RE RACIST.

In today’s episode of Racist Wypipo Gone Wild: Joey Derek Christian harasses a customer service rep named Mohommad in Friendswood, TX because he ‘doesn’t know his place.’ He goes on a tangent screaming ‘f*cking Arabs’ & boasting that he’s ‘killed his kind’ on 5 continents.

American wypipo when an historic church in France that they’ve never been to and most never heard of, burns down: 😭😭☹️😩 American wypipo when 3 historic Black churches in Louisiana are burned to the ground by white supremacist: 😑😑🤷🏻‍♂️