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Summary of wwesupercard

#WWESuperCard will any throwback or HoF cards at wm33 or below be available again? dont wanna get rid of the 1s i have if i can get them pro'd eventually

@WWESuperCard Playing stretched out on galaxy note8

@WWESuperCard Ok youu said tou wanted to start this so you would respond to concerns but yet you only focused on graphic concerns but still havent said shit about matchmaking

#wwesupercard finally I'm wm35 tier in 30 days

test Twitter Media - #wwesupercard finally I'm wm35 tier in 30 days

@WWESuperCard at which time ads will be refreshd?

@b57en @WWESuperCard It pisses me off they won't do nothing either

@DoucheAlmighty @WWESuperCard Yea... thing is, im losing on +1 points now.

@Lilboat22ayy1 @WWESuperCard same. it's just constant bull. let's see if they bother compensating

@WWESuperCard Fix picking charges for tbg. I have made about 520 picks and got only 49 charges. That's only 2-3 charges per board.

@WWESuperCard Here’s feedback: You made TBG (the last free option) pay to win by making charges nearly impossible to pull. I understand you want to make money but if the game ONLY works if you pay money, I’m out.

hey, mind giving us a hand? those of you experiencing stretched graphics on Android devices, what device are you playing on? reply to this thread.

Servers are rolling online now. Check out the store for a Gift (and also your mailbox if you were affected by platform-specific downtime). Like we said the other day, we've got some ground to cover and we're continuing to address feedback. More info on the next update soon™️.

This week’s event is a Road to Glory featuring Goldberg.

test Twitter Media - This week’s event is a Road to Glory featuring Goldberg.