Summary of ww3

ww3 talks about

Summary of ww3

@LucasWa05792703 @AnnCoulter @KazimirRampant Ukraine? Ukraine's purpose on Earth is getting plundered by Jewish oligarchs and then used as bait for WW3 with Russia. Ask Victoria Nuland.

WW3 will be fought with gender reveal parties.

@connorfbaby @CalBear949 @gmaildotcommie @marilynrbush @cenkuygur @DavidDeeOfPRM @BernieSanders @UN Essentially are country is trying to spark a war with russia because war equals money for military industrial complex. Now putin has allies with china, n korea, africa and now France is pressed in between. Are country is creating WW3

@citlee But I was already gearing up for WW3...

@JonahMarais you’re really trying to start ww3 huh?

@Winning45KAG @StopWhiteGenoc1 @AirborneFister Hope to get this veteran's honest perspective on this "WW3 Reality TV" rant ⁉️ Please READ the rant's description & consider the rant not only in the context of the description but also in the context of the clips in the comments the description refers to.…

BEFORE WW3 STARTS: does anyone wanna admit they have a crush on the ol' caldog?

Alright you little fucks I'm Michael ur prophet! And messiah what the fuck are you doing? We have a problem too scared to see me? No nuclear exchanges no ww3! I'm fucking tired of life try my ass! Think ur someone not till holy!

what’s your degree gonna help you with when you get drafted into ww3

@Martamendoza718 @Gallaecian @CindisPLace @Tam_Resist @jfleech @Boatoptional2 @cherokeesher2 @concit1USA @AlisonAinswort9 @Mooncatadams @RestlessNews @Eathbound420 @Carolchapman192 @Putzy2010 @DarinColville @co_rapunzel4 @RubeBait @ERNESTZorro @american2084 @Moezyboy @adavaco @mini_bubbly @mydoggyruss @ApestarGorjeo @IMontoyaResists @CitizensFedUp @agavecorn @realDonaldTrump I read that a trial date has been set in December for the gal who is accusing him of raping her when she was 13. It will probably not happen again bc of death threats.The atrocities will only get worse by the time he causes WW3 &instills a draft,the public won’t even be shocked.

@CadetBoneSpurs1 @chesscat48 @todd_poirier @atrupar But according to the dumb-dumb left Trump is a anti-imperialist non-interventionist and that Hillary would have started WW3