Summary of ww3

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Summary of ww3

Pictured are some of the Western Wayne Middle School students involved in the 2019 “What’s So Cool About Manufacturing?” Northeast PA Contest. From left: Trinity Foulds, Alaina Maiocco, Ella...…

@MalcolmNance What's "disgusting" is the MSM stoking a POTENTIAL WW3 w/ Russia to implicate an innocent sitting POTUS while his political opponent who colluded with Russians, MI6, FBI Top Brass, CIA Top Brass, the DNC, and MSM to frame him! #FactsMatter #ClintonCollusion #TrumpExonerated MAGA

There will be a revolution or a WW3 & at this rate idk which way it’s going to go

there will 100% be a revolution or a WW3 in our lifetimes and by the ways the government are going I dread to think what it will be

@ghostissa7 The day that the EU censors American memes is the day we begin WW3

@IAm8BitRyan others: WW3 will start because of nuclear bombs me, an intellectual: WW3 will start because of EU memers starting a revolution against Article 13

@charliekirk11 @LeoLionMAGA @DonaldJTrumpJr Don't forget... The destructive DIMS also tried & are still working to: 👉 Start WW3 👉 #CivilWar 👉 Disarm Americans 👉 Rewrite the US Constitution 👉 The Invasion of The USA🇺🇸 👉 Allow NATO & #GlobalSocialism to RULE over The USA🇺🇸 & The American people!!!

@ayahowololo I don't trust politics at all at this point, so I won't vote for anybody. If history taught me anything, it taught me the fact that first omen of both World Wars was stripping off people from their rights. I don't wanna see WW3 on my doorstep tbh.

Lets start a ww3 this is hillarius wat the Japs think of president trump @thebonnierotten

@Tazmajick @sundnce99 Your right! ITS MIND BOGGLING WHAT HE DID in 8 YEARS! And to think KILLERY would have brought us WW3 which we were going to lose because of what Obummer did! Their PLAN FAILED! IT FAILED BECAUSE OF GOD POTUS OUR MILITARY AND GREAT PATRIOTS!!!❤️❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸👍🙏🙏🙏🙏

As I understand it, actually it's good when a right-wing government helps install a right-wing ally. Hillary would have done a WW3 by now, anyway.…