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Summary of wewuzkangz

@elhilaly8 @RTDove54 @jimgoad “Caves of Europe”, 10,000 years ago. Mud huts of Africa, till the present day. You’d better not talk about cultural achievement. #WeWuzKangz and sheeeeit

@TommyMacArthur1 @ATLFENIX @Togo09196120 @JoeNewman33 @TalbertSwan Didn't read the article huh? WeWuzKangz.Com isn't a legit source.

Can we just talk about how much candy im gonna have Friday after I hit up Wal-Mart for the 50% off valentines day candy? #WeWuzKangz

The #Esquire cover debate shows that Twitter is filled with disgusting black racists. But it’s 2019, so it’s ok. #wewuzkangz