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Summary of waluigi

if this gets 300 retweets i’ll make a mario plush video but it’s actually Bryson kissing Waluigi

Sorry Mettaton, Waluigi's legs are the only ones I need. #Ninabot

@FreshCutFry @NintenZ It doesn’t really invalidate the other work tho. That work was done and would still be in the game. It’s not exta work either since it’s just flipping a switch. I don’t see how one thing invalidates the other. Especially when Waluigi was just straight up ported from Wii U.

@NintenZ Like besides rex, waluigi, or waddle dee I don't think there's many who aren't necessarily niche they could go for really, besides guys from newer ips like Three Houses and Astral Chain Imo i feel they probably want to get as many notable 3rd parties as they can in this game

9 of them, Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Bowser, Donkey Kong, Wario, Yoshi, and Rob, are playable Toad is part of Peach’s moveset so he’s kinda playable Waluigi is an assist trophy Shy Guy is present on several stages but I believe is only modeled on Mario Circuit

@LittleNova20 @klausanderbruh Waluigi Oh my god no way You guys can think whatever you want, but I actually nailed this 1st try

@smg4official Who can do better to get Waluigi into smash?

update: Tiny Buddy hates waluigi . . .

test Twitter Media - update: Tiny Buddy hates waluigi . . .