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Summary of ufo

“UFOs are real”. They OBVIOUSLY ARE. UFO stands for Unidentified flying object, dum-dum

@fortressfin @donttreadupon This actually changes nothing. UFO doesnt mean anything more than what they are tracking is currently unidentified. Once they identify it, it wont be a UFO, then they will move on to the next thing to track.

@LeLee_Marie Oh yeah that UFO looking car LOL, I don’t like it one bit

#UFO I'd rather believe that a country has developed this incredible aircraft than UFO.So,Pitin …👀

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I'd rather believe that a country has developed this incredible aircraft than,Pitin …👀…     ➤     [read more news with World Newspapers android -]

@Sniickersnee Thank the stars (literally)...that was one theory that rubbed me the wrong way haha like a trained fighter pilot would not be able to discern between a balloon and #UFO #UAP ?

Navy UFO sightings new technology Area 51 last 50 years they've been building a spacecraft that's why Donald J Trump the president United States of America told the world we have new technology to fight any War around the globe. The American people been lied to the past 50 years

@MmaFawkes @UFO_UFC I think he finds that chin at some point. This should be a standup war and 5 rounds favors yair to win rounds but I don’t think this will go to a decision.

UFO Videos Are Footage of Real 'Unidentified' Objects, US Navy Acknowledges

US Navy confirms leaked ‘UFO videos’ are real & never should have been released to the public

The US Navy has for the first time officially stated that the three UFO videos made public by former Blink-182 singer @tomdelonge’s UFO research organization are footage of real “unknown” objects violating American airspace.