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Summary of u18chan

@TRIXTRASH U18chan, 7chan, and 8chan all have a button where you can enlarge the whole thread of thumbnails to fap size

Day No. 755 F - Now without disturbance ;3 ❤️❤️… Act: #pussy #anus Species: #gryphon Other: #feral #porn #yiff #furry

test Twitter Media - Day No. 755 F  - Now without disturbance ;3 ❤️❤️


Act: #pussy #anus 
Species:  #gryphon 
Other: #feral #porn #yiff #furry

@sm0lb0b4luvr YEEEEEEEEES DFKJFJSJKDSHKF its part 2!!!!!!!!! it looks like its not finished yet though…

@WileyTatom Other: U18Chan Off duty comic Then went to FA an finally here 😛

u kno you are Famous when people on u18chan are asking for your patreon exclusive pictures

@WileyTatom I found your comic "Extra Duty" on u18chan and immediately fell in love with your style! Followed by FA and now here! ♥

@WileyTatom A canadian told me about you and I had read one of your comics on u18chan.

@CrashRotty It all comes back to VLC, FA, e621, pawsru, u18chan, or saturday morning cartoons...

@u18chan For some reason is the page down again