Summary of tt

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Summary of tt

@jimmychimchim full size and not cut smaller but shipping TT huhu it's better than nothing tho I guess

I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Karthik Subbaraj SLAMS Popular News Channel | Petta | Rajinikanth | TT

Here Are The Best Reddit Responses About The (Just Released) Original Choreography Video for TWICE’s “TT”…

@JohnJHarwood And if the the implications of this thread are correct - that Trump & Putin agreed together about a cover story for the TT meeting - it makes all the lies to the press about the TT meeting more likely part of an obstruction scheme vs just more lies to the public.

No more doubts or uncertainties. It's official now🔥 #KKS fame TT distributor @SF2_official's @sakthivelan_b calls #ThalaAjith's #Viswasam a celebration & a massive blockbuster and gives many more trade reports and his experience from theater rounds 👌👏