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Summary of tsumino

@hellxcat666 Tsumino is really customizable you can favorite and even ban certain genres, and you can custom search by genre or even by the artist

Have a good hentai @reddslym found to clean up from that movie review. A MILF hentai without rape, pedo, or incest. Probably one of the best Iโ€™ve read!

tyler the creator 's who dat boy and #traps on tsumino. there's a joke in there somewhere, but I'm too busy rapturing by sublimating my indelible anger with crossdressing boys

Bless hmanga. Wholesome (if you search the happy sex tag) little snack sized romance stories. When I'm bored and can't find anything new I want to read I can always go to Tsumino and find something enjoyable.

tsumino should sponsor my streams

@deepelfs theres no comment system on tsumino

@xSaphiroth btw Arisa x Tae really ? You read that one goddamn Doujin I saw on Tsumino once. Right ?

@LoliconHeaven Ooooh controversial ๐Ÿ˜‚ I have seen a few doujins with pregnant lolis. Tsumino has quality content ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป

so use discord as our primary communication point, you will have channels on here for everything that the forum is used for. the 2nd, TSUMINO DOWNLOADS ARE BACK! it will be switched to users only soon, so make sure you have an account to use all the available features.

thanks for being patient, we are currently moving things around and ongoing development, if you find any issues please let us know in #tsumino-support so we can take a look at it. two notible things are the forum is gone,

@J5Films @kakusareshi_sy @mini__ika Nhentai and tsumino are bretty gud. Nhentai has a decent selection and tsumino, while it does have a smaller list of doujins, has a 10/10 consistent tagging system and everything is in English. Personally I'd recommend tsumino if you're looking for quality.