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Summary of trumplies

35% That"s all u have donald. Electoral college not saving u this time. #registertovote #TrumpLies #Enough #VoteTrumpOut

You're the only one lacking in credibility here chief. Did you notice the number of your fellow #gop also calling you out? I'm just glad senator McCain isn't here to witness what you're doing to our great nation. He had the decency to stop hate speech & correct lies. #TrumpLies…

@realdonaldtrump It is mindboggling that you are able to become a shittier human being every single day of your administration, considering the what a shitbird you already were. #TrumpLies

@AOC @JustLinda24 Lindsey. I ask u as a person who wants 2 respect u regardless of political beliefs. How can u change so dramatically. U saw Trump 4 what he was. Racist, sexist, bigoted etc. Why do u not run as a man who believes in GoP and not some cheap date 2 the bully? #trumplies

You were a lying bitch then, you still are. #TrumpLies…