Summary of travelban

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Summary of travelban

@NazaninBoniadi @jrezaian @UndoFamilyBan we are legal immigrants that separated from our love one because #travelban #NoBanAct #undo_family_ban

@curtisatlaw I never knew SUPPORT means banning people from entering our country and joining their loved ones for years and causing tremendous amount of pain not only for iranians but for American citizens, but how stupid of me to think #travelban is anything but pure SUPPORT!

Today is my husband's birthday but we couldn't celebrate together because of the travel ban. Please stop #travelban #undo_famlliy_ban #MuslimBan #Nobanact #FamiliesBelongTogether #birthday

@nytopinion my husband is an american citizen and he has a business and he pays his taxes but they didn’t give me my visa because of the #travelban , i am not a terorist i just want to join to my husband and live with him, its not fair that we’re seperated