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Summary of ti8

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@j0eljer @DonHaci Ceb is the coach, who retired from tier2 and actually had achieved nothing before Ti8. Topson was a highest level pug player but had 0 experience in official matches even never played semi-pro before that

@DonHaci OG winning ti8 is the biggest upset in dota2 history. Ti1- ti7 's winner are all high seeded teams. OG was an exception, and that's also why it's the greatest story on dota2 scene.

@DonHaci 2/3 were closed so OG needed to play EU open qualifier to get in Ti. They didn't have enough time to recruit new players they could only use their coach and a pug player. At ti8 OG was considered as one of the weakest team but they upseted EG which was a high seeded team.

@DonHaci @PanYijingFlora left and right guy were teammates for years, were winning valve majors in OG, then became bad, left betrayed right hours before the last major before ti8 by joining EG with another OG mate, OG had to qualify to ti8 through open qual, OG won ti8 and beat EG in upper bracket final

I've been following @OGesports since the Frankfurt Major and I must admit that seeing how they won TI8 gave me goosebumps the same way when I was watching the stream live on Twitch. Then, they won TI9 and it was sooooo beautiful.

Take me back to TI8 final

@Ceb_dota @OGesports @YouTube Good video overall 🙂 A bit lacky on information for first part of TI8 season when you stepped in, and had people for/against you as the stand-in. I always rooted for you there, but those were rollercoaster times for sure. Good memories though =)

@Ceb_dota @OGesports @YouTube i want 1 for THE GREAT @iamJERAX . We all heard his pain 😂in TI8 True Sight OG Reaction video. @theScoreesports pls.

@BluChummy Ti7: Ti8: OG's comeback: My absolute favorite 3 to watch, legit if I ever feel off or need that motivation or I ever want to show my team what I want to build and create I show them these videos.

@DOTABUFF @DOTA2 to powerful items. this makes og win ti8

A new season brings a new ray of hope and a revamped roster that looks like the best that the organization fielded for a while now. Invictus Gaming are going to the first Minor of the 2019-2020 #DPC season.…

@Darkeroid27 @redbullgaming @iamJERAX @OGesports DOWN!!! BUYBACK IS AVAILABLE -Tobywan Og vs Lgd final uppetbracket ti8

The Reason Why We Love TI8 & TI9 Winner OG.ana! 😍…

@JGsamaa @BeyondTheSummit The team he was playing with were disqualified:… And then he qualifies for a major with meepo again...