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Summary of thelastjedi

#TheLastJedi opening scene is probably the best of any Star Wars film, right?

#MyHappiestNerdDay was attending the Dutch premiere of #TheLastJedi. It was amazing. 😍 Despite the snow storm. 🌨️…

THE LAST JEDI Spread the word! #TheLastJedi has been re-edited. The heap of dung is now a bar of gold. #StarWars #IvanOrtega #FilmFix #IvanFilmFix…

@EthanVanSciver While I agree w/ people, lack of box office does not a good movie make, TLJ was the worst SW I've seen. I question motives behind (dis)likes with some people. #StarWars #TheLastJedi

I love the weirdos already pretending #TheLastJedi is the Velvet Underground of Stars Wars.

Gonna be watching @IvanFilmFix 's re-edit of #TheLastJedi . While I disagree with MOST of his personal views of the movie, I LOVE fan-edits and there are a lot of changes I would make to it; I'm interested to see his personal take. I hope the core messages of the movie are