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Summary of thecoli

@ChurchofOgun YA'LL I don't condone most of the behavior @ thecoli but that's where I saw this post. Somebody in there said "I'm not a doctor but I think she needs a backiotomy"

@knaverologist So we have shit like LipstickAlley and TheShadeRoom and TheColi and Box. Not to mention the endless jokes about Blavity niggas, TheRoot've done this to yourselves, really.

@jayendia Nah it popped off for a while but the owner was legitimately insane so everyone left…

Keanu Reeves debuts his girlfriend. They have a 9 year age difference… via @the_coli

#ADOS try to claim victory over the Harriet movie flopping: So you few THOUSAND people (if that) caused a Hollywood film THAT YOU ALSO CLAIM is marketed to whites to flop? IS IT OOCHIE WALLY WALLY OR ONE MIC?!?!?!…

"Went to this dudes house and used his bathroom and saw this in his shower"… via @the_coli