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Summary of thecoli

That Time Ice Cube perform "We Be Clubbin" in front of like 100 white kids… via @the_coli

Come post some Internal thoughts you have that might make black people view you as a sellout or c00n… via @the_coli

*Deijii when he's dodging everyone's attacks.* //🌽: Just look at him go XD Credit:…

@Cianaf We at have been clowning him for YEARS on this.

Cam Newton offers $1500 to man on flight to France for extra leg room, gets turned down… via @the_coli

Anybody here has chosen to be right with God?… via @the_coli

Billionaire Robert F. Smith: Be an Expert and You Are Enough… via @the_coli

How the GI Bill's Promise Was Denied to a Million Black WWII Veterans (Reparations are due)… via @the_coli

Anybody here has chosen to be right with God?… via @the_coli

The idea of "improving yourself" before you approach women is foreign to some men.… via @the_coli

@CartuneNetwerk I remember seeing WSG’s arrest record on and he was transporting pounds of marijuana in a rental. So I believe them 😂

Prove yo blackness and pass this black movie quiz… via @the_coli

The Series 7: Would "@_Jaabriiaaa_" A "Merchant Mariner" And Artist...Be A Easy "Mac"?… via @the_coli

Image: Why Is most of american culture centered around humiliating blacks ...…

When y’all say focus on yourself, what exactly does that mean?… via @the_coli

@drmistercody I don't agree with Ben but he's not wrong tho. Literally imagine how bad it is if they were to take comments in forums that were several years ago. Thecoli and lipstickalley is pretty racist. Do people really want that?

One thing I'll say is he def is a rap nerd like a lot of rap Twitter. If he wasn't famous he would be either on here or TheColi or something talking about rap shit. He does and says a lot of shit casual rap fans would never catch or understand.