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Summary of thecoli

@IamWhaffle You tweeted “OP” meaning original post ... I only see that on messsge boards/forums lol .. TheColi.Com Is a forum I’m a member of

Always gonna rep #TheColi till they carry me and bury me lol

crying at them making a thread on mar bedrock tweet on thecoli

My nonmusic tweet for the day, because I'm an 80's baby who still has "Round the Way Girl" finesse. #blackwomen #90sgirls #fashion #beauty #StillFly…

@LiberationChief @roxi_scott @BreakingBrown It’s growing has a full thread that is about 25 pages long with people talking about this

Says It All: Nixon pardoned [Blanket Amnesty as leaving] McCain convicted of treason, sentenced death firing squad. As a POW, McCain spilled guts re everything & help Vietcong tell flight patterns of U.S. Fighters led 64% + in fighters shot down'…

In 1991 CORETTA SCOTT KING & black leaders OPPOSED illegal immigration & warned it hurts black labor… via @the_coli

What would you do if your roommate or brother did this to the Mountain Dew?… via @the_coli

@roxi_scott @2ndAmendmentX They got this talking point from a thread on the coil. I never heard of this site, but it was linked in one of their threads...…