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Summary of teenwolf

@ColtonLHaynes is amazing actor on #TeenWolf and #Arrow !! I wonder what do you like playing most Kanima or werewolf or be an Arrow?

@OriginalFunko this would make an awesome addition to the collection....please help me out 🤙 #FunkoSDCC #TeenWolf #ScottHoward #MichaelJFox #Movies…

Sometimes my husband will lean across the dinner table and gruffly exclaim “IF *MY* MOTHER HAD LEFT ME A NOTE LIKE THAT...” And every time? I lose my shit and can’t breathe. I will never escape my former fandoms (or Michael Hogan). #teenwolf #allisonargent

I can't believe Allison died!😱 #teenwolf

I stopped watching #TeenWolf when I peeped it was no longer about being a underdog athlete

#TeenWolf is so fucking D-A-R-K. I'm searching for Stiles's screencaps and sucks. I want to make icons.

If the show would have been renewed for a seventh season, which supernatural creature(s) would you have introduced, and what storyline would you give them? via /r/TeenWolf