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Summary of tamaratattles

@RalphAllen4 oh sweetie, i love you. I'm just crackiing on my own self.

i do need bangs though, What is with that twelve head?

@TamaraTattles what do you mean too cute? I would never bully if that is what you are thinking so sorry--you posted many items being hard on yourself and hate seeing it--sure you are a great person

Did I mention someone stole my shovel? I might still be a little drunk.

@TamaraTattles do not gage your attractiveness on your license picture for sure--sure brad pitt doesn't look good on his--do not be so hard on yourself

Y'ALL i CAN'T WITH THIS PICTURE . I promise you I am way cuter than this! I am going for a retake.

I think I am kinda pretty. This drivers License can not stand

I don't feel like I have a high f0rehead. but it looks like i do.

@TamaraTattles because you can ... pretty comes from the inside, there are too many 'pretty people' that suck, that need to stay home more often, but the world has a ton of beauty to enjoy and you ARE a part of that! xoxo JustDoIt

I have to cover up that five head.

I am so the opposite of pretty.

My hairline is on the back of my head. I am not pretty. I should never leave the house. How did I ever think I was pretty?

I have kinky hair I do not want to maintain bangs

So for years people have been circulating a photo of me. For the record there are no photos of me on the Internet,. But she is WAY WAY WAY prettier than me.

@heatherivkovich I'm literally the ugliest person in the world.

I don't know why I have never seen my DL pic but like there is no hair for MILES. I'm clearly WAY over confident. WHAT IS THIS?


@TamaraTattles I have good hair too, but ain’t nothing wrong with having a good wig on hand!