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Summary of syria

@ladyarmysgt IRAN is supposed to pay the US protection money. Trump wants to pocket it.

Eight orphans of Australian Islamic State fighters have been spirited out of a camp in Syria, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said Monday, in an apparent U-turn.

@amnesty @Colmogorman Amnesty caused a lot of deaths in Syria with its fake reports. People need to always get a second opinion on what Amnesty say. They have enough blood on their hands.

@JonDArsen @ProgRebel @carterforva You're the only one saying that. Lee used the term "Assadists" to refer to smears the anti-war left gets when they oppose war in Syria, war you just provided cover for in your prior tweet. Very few are saying Assad isn't a monster or a dictator, and none here.

@50kft_K @hope_american @DustinNemos @DewsNewz And AJ attacked Trump when he was bombing deep state assets in Syria. Mossad and deep state knew Trump was attacking their sites. So they sent AJ on the attack! Also look at who owns Info Wars.

#rape #slavery #sexslave 1 Author Encyclopedia site:#Kurds feel the brunt #MPs air no strike

test Twitter Media - #rape #slavery #sexslave 1 Author Encyclopedia site:#Kurds feel the brunt #MPs air no strike

The United Nations has demanded that western countries take back captured ISIS terrorists who are currently imprisoned in Syria and Iraq.…

Since the invasion of Crimea in 2014, Russia has: invaded the Donbas, supported Assad in Syria, interfered in the US and Europe’s election, attempted to murder the Skripals, and more. How does this behavior justify membership in the Council of Europe?…

Is anyone paying attention to these horrors in Syria anymore? Is the Trump administration engaged at all? Or have we in the United States just given up? I honestly don’t know.…