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Summary of swgoh

@Brianthelion83 @swgohevents When SWGOH launched you could unlock Dooku for $5 iirc.

@Gundams33dTim @CubsFanHan The same, nobody wants to have badly written characters dominating swgoh.

@CubsFanHan Not going to lie.. nothing from this movie interests me to come to swgoh. I would assume we would get hucks, the FO version of BB8.. that's it really nothing else seems interesting from these movies.

Alright move aside clone wars content what is NEXT for SWGoH? We got Rise of Skywalker coming up so what can we expect to see from RoS in SWGoH? Talking about 6 characters I'd love to see hit SWGoH!

@Mcmole2 No worries, you won't miss them. To answer the third point, people will always defend the game and I found them having a lot of subjectivity about swgoh. You'll even get bashed at some point by the same people who called you a boss for your Strats, vids, etc...

@Mcmole2 @CubsFanHan @DevinGimple I've been playing since November of 2017 and I have 4.06m galactic power. It would be in great hands. I'll keep the community up to date. I have all the gear for a YouTube channel. I used to make social experiments. I have 1 video on my new SWGOH channel already. Pick me!

@Mcmole2 I think it was great. Swgoh has to realize that not everyone will whale hard for a character

@Mcmole2 I know there was a lot of people quitting, but seeing it first hand was intense. Two people from my arena shard, another from my ship shard, and finally two 4.5 million gp accounts from my guild. @ea_capitalgames really need to evaluate their strategies going forward. #swgoh

@Mcmole2 People know you for swgoh content, losing people is suspected it will pick up man

A few things I've learned from my video on quitting #SWGoH: 1. I have a lot of subs who already quit. 2. A lot of people appreciated the raw emotion. 3. People will bend over backwards to defend the Skywalker event and rollout.

Uninstalled #swgoh , been a fun few years but with new characters and gear that will take months to get, the game has become more work than fun. And when a game stops being fun its time to stop playing.

@DarthMicroSWGOH I found today’s SWGoH video interesting thanks for the update. Looking forward to the next one.

@chrishollisian I'd like to remain with it like with swgoh, and they definitely are trying to make it last. So we'll see.

I may actually do this. The legend of mcmole May live on in swgoh....…

@Mcmole2 @AhnaldT101 If you dont like #swgoh then ignore it and move on with your life

7 star General Skywalker just may be the most broken thing of all time. In this video we go over many teams trying to take a shot at the 501st but it is looking to be a scary meta soon. Luckily we have time before we see a lot of 7 star Sky Guys #SWGoH…