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Summary of suits

@joncoopertweets I order them to wear clown suits, and clean up the streets.

Pink just suits this man, remember BST, oooofff💞 He’s a goddess!

@NancyJKoch The award-winning performer from New York City was stalking the halls of the Longworth building in a red latex dress and giant blonde wig sticking out among the sea of grey suits and grim faces after she was asked to cover the hearings for a news app called Happs. 🤢

Done took my three suits to get fitted today. That man handed me the ticket... $150, pissed... you hea me! 😩🥴

Neva was really of a fan of the tech sweat suits usually just be having hella college ball sweatsuits

Is there really a person in those red suits, or AI with a non-answer ready for every occassion?

@HaileyLennonBTC But ... they got the institutionals 🤷🏻‍♀️ .... #consensusinvest2019 #DASMKTS2019 were great! Do hope that the industry grows up .... but without the suits pls 😛 #stiff

He is a communist in whatever guise he suits himSelf. Communists promise the earth, to withdraw two minutes later. Corbyn is a terrorist against everything democratic…

People often talk about the protesters like they’re radical rioters out to cause trouble for the hell of it. I’ve seen adult women & men in suits break and stack bricks or form human chains to pass supplies to frontline protesters. This is a result of the failure of the HK govt.…

People Agree That X1’s Kim Yohan Suits This Hair Style The Best…

IMHO, the 67 acre campus for Bhagwan Rama in #Ayodhya must have a Gurudwara dedicated to Guru Nanak Dev ji. The evidence of his visit to Rama Janmabhoomi in 1511-12 CE was the clinching point in the title suits. #PrakashParv