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Summary of suits

@realDonaldTrump Put them in orange jump suits already !!

@neal_katyal Nancy Pelosi should have calmed down the head mobster of the Trump Crime Family, since Congress is not just investigating HIM--who is using BS lawyers to file frivolous suits & equally frivolous appeals, aimed at hiding incriminating evidence--BUT ALL MEMBERS OF THE CRIME FAMILY

@StephenNeale17 @gavin_poulton I suppose the best thing about our squad being gutted this summer is that a new manager can come in and assemble something that suits his mentality and tactics. None of what we had last summer with Jones

@PatriciaMillin @stucam7771 Europe 👍🏼 I actually am a dual 🇨🇦🇺🇸 citizen, born and raised in Canada, so I have that perspective. California suits Canadians, maybe becuz many Americans like to take pot shots at us, like: Canadians = goobers Californians = fruits and nuts In actuality, we “know stuff” 😉

@TylerBelawske Hes shown the ability to catch a ton of balls, post 1500+ yards, and double digit TD. He got an upgraded offensive coordinator that suits his abilities & should have a stable QB situation. He’s one of a handful of WR who could reasonably end up being the WR1. What’s not to like?

@CardCatParents And it’s not even 1:00. Retirement suits you

The Adani group is all set to withdraw all civil and criminal defamation suits filed in Ahmedabad against @thewire_in and it’s editors and staff.…

Anil Ambani's Reliance to Withdraw Defamation Suits Filed Against Congress… via @thewire_in?lang=en

#Breaking | Anil Ambani to withdraw defamation suits against Congress. More details by @Kajal_Iyer.