Summary of suchileaks

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Summary of suchileaks

Events are influenced by our very great desires.-- William James #suchitrakarthik #SuchiLeaks #Suchitra #suchi

Man is the only animal that blushes - or needs to.-- Mark Twain #suchitrakarthik #SuchiLeaks #Suchitra #suchi

spb sell his big studio to careful spb charan sex scandal news leak. but i #suchileaks ha ha

How unhappy is he who cannot forgive himself.-- Publilius Syrus #suchitrakarthik #SuchiLeaks #Suchitra #suchi

@ThanthiTV All parties support win now. They openly support SuchiLeaks Operators/ Rapists/ Terror Minded/ Anti Thamizh minds to kill Thamizh community with Medias support. Most of the candidates r crorepatis. Why should support them for safety?Either select Thamizh r take 5lacs per vote.

@NaveedIqbal @IndianExpress @OmarAbdullah If India elect 280 Patriotic MP s, India will be powerful. But We take cash from Political parties 2 elect Rapists/Terrorists/SuchiLeaks operators as our MP s. We never use our brains inside Voting booth. Crores of Indian Funds r spent by 272 MP s/5 Ministers without brains.