Summary of suchileaks

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Summary of suchileaks

@NewIndianXpress If Tamilnadu elect Rapists/Suchileaks Operators,Our Girls will be raped by groups B4 parents without fear.221MLAs/39MPs could not save our Angels in Pollachi/ Salem/Other parts.Let us establish Thamizh/Indian Intelligence by vote now

Contrary to general belief, an artist is never ahead of his time but most people are far behind theirs.-- Edgard Varese #suchitrakarthik #SuchiLeaks #Suchitra #suchi

@NewIndianXpress @anilsrinivasan @TVMohandasPai NEET is must.But CBSE acted as PM without knowing Education.CBSE engaged Suchileaks operators as Examiners earlier.TN kids are punished by TN political parties.Till,TN kids are punished.But TN parents love killers to vote again 4fun

If you can't figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. For your passion will lead you right into your purpose.-- T. D. Jakes #suchitrakarthik #SuchiLeaks #Suchitra #suchi