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Summary of sodapoppin

@kariyu101 Sodapoppin saying "god this game is so weeb"

@Cpopov23 This is the same kinda shit that annoys me where sodapoppin didnt fuckin know how to boil water

Joe "Please sodapoppin japanese reggae penta :'( avcons existance whats or something?

DUSK shoots to the top of multiple 2018 GOTY lists. Metacritic names it the PC Game of 2018. It becomes the highest rated FPS on Steam. Streamers like Lirik and Sodapoppin start playing it. DUSK is a bonafide hit. @TheNewBloods are gonna be alright.

@NickPolom @maximumwow @Gekzs You are literally sodapoppin's bottom feeder like how @EsfandTV is to @Asmongold .

@maximumwow @Lepandk @NickPolom @Gekzs Let me get this straight... the guy who got known cause he was friends with sodapoppin is telling the guildmaster of one of the Best guilds in current wow that he is irrelevant? I just need to understand that bit before i start taking you seriously😅

@ChallisKoby @rachel_hamann24 @KEEMSTAR Classic deflection to a unrelated subject, if you want to talk about people who should be banned, then why isn't Dr. Disrespect banned when he literally violated federal law? Why hasn't Sodapoppin or Tyler1 been banned for breaking ToS multiple times over the years?

@weletemgo @Titan1513 @itslilchipmunk @JeffThrow Sodapoppin gets banned alot and he's one of the big ones

@summit1g Reminds me of the video of Sodapoppin seeing @AkessonEllen booty xD

@Bamifyy Sodapoppin he's taught me to be honest with myself and just be me him being that way just influenced me more them anyone could

Chance Morris aka sodapoppin I hope you had a nice day I’m free next Sunday maybe we could hang out next Sunday when I’m free on Sunday maybe we could hangout when I’m free which will be next Sunday

I had a dream last night Sodapoppin was streaming variety Like the good old days ~ #haiku

@BeyondRadio Listening to an old SodaPoppin video while I game, and you chaps have a great sense of humour. You've definitely gained a listener!

@demisxxual why is tfue and sodapoppin following you?