Summary of sodapoppin

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Summary of sodapoppin

Funny thing is the guy looks like shortyy and sodapoppin had a kid.

@macawcaw123 You were dating sodapoppin? kinda weird bro

an actual good LFG addon for classic would be one that lets you highlight keywords in /world like BRD/LBRS/UBRS so you donā€™t have to filter through something that moves as fast as sodapoppinā€™s twitch chat

@MitchJonez @EIE3577 @Barry_74 Backstabbed sodapoppin a few ago. Backstabbed Reckful in 2016. Backstabbed trainwrecks in 2017. No doubt backstabbed countless other friends over the years. Inevitably gonna b triggered and will backstab Barry at some point in the future. But its never ur fault, am i right mitch?

@ark_09_ yeah sodapoppin is immensely popular so of course they dont ban him there have been channels banned for nip slips before

half dead in Sodapoppin's


@SpellseyGG Isnt your cuzzo sodapoppin? Seen him at the top of WoW all month

Baby Says First Curse Word Live On Stream & Sodapoppin Calls EsfandTV The R-Word!