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Summary of sodapoppin

@StormFel @IBuyFromKmart @Dovaxgg @Franco_Rodrigo9 @Asmongold @zackmcilreavey That’s actually super low, I think sodapoppin filmed himself doing it in like 14-16 hours played

why did u quit playing wow in Darkspear? — bc i wanted to play in the same server as sodapoppin, and ds was so high pop…

@ReppinTheBlock @TRSCP The one I was planning to join is kinda hard to get into. They have over 4000 applications in the queue right now so i paid $15 to get mine moved up to the front. Sodapoppin has been playing on it the last couple weeks..…

@Twitch There's not sodapoppin clip PepeHands

thats the cutest fucking thing ive ever seen in my entire life.....…

@AdmiralBahroo sodapoppin's final boss battle is pretty hilarious, he was fighting the boss and chat at the same time XD

@jayyycgee yikes that was a mistake. You revealed yourself to be a massive bitch. It’s ironic too coming from you the girl who tried extremely hard to date sodapoppin. Chat knows too pathetic

When Sodapoppin said ¨I suffer from severe anxiety¨ damn i really felt that

Summit1g Racing With Cops | Sodapoppin Fail RP | GTA V RP NoPixel Moments via @YouTube

sodapoppin telling real stories in his rp LMAOOOO

@Drift0r I accidentally click on one “Sodapoppin reacts to something” and my entire feed is now soda, twitch fails, and twitch drama. I feel I need to make multiple accounts just to get rid of it all

@hdphnz Kiki is Kevin's (Soda) fashion police escort and it's hilarious.

Sodapoppin's RP is so good