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Summary of smh

@ayibas I'm tired. You can't even go a day stress free. Smh

@Shetropicc someone asked me to do this to them too smh 🤦🏾‍♂️

My bed is more comfortable in the morning than it is at night smh

Smfh after watching the video of what Austin and his father and his team did to those girls is disgusting and the fact that you’re trying to cover it up by this fake ass screenshot smh unfollowing them on everything so sad cause I’ve watched them since day one 👎…

@HBCUfessions @ramymavo did he really just say “should I move” man y’all men are some special type of species smh lmao

@bobskinnygh Who even does that smh. Wale eeeehhhhh sometimes I don't know what to say but we move nevertheless.

@Drhutch2011 @ScottMorrisonMP @smh @abcnews @9NewsAUS @10NewsFirst @SBSNews @australian @7NewsAustralia You were amazing today @Drhutch2011❤️ women and children across the country have been crying out and you helped give them a voice. And you also gave doctors grappling with anguishing situations a voice. Thank you for your strength, your clarity and your courage.

@ladbible That’s put me right off my breakfast, cheers lads.

letting go smh finna heal lets get it

He wasn't 'unclear.' He lied. This entire thing has been a fraud from the start. It is now a Star Chamber, replete w secret hearings & a predetermined outcome. "Schiff admits he should have been 'much more clear' about contact with whistleblower" #smh

This man has been living in this neighborhood for 50 years. He said they take care of each other there. He knew a child lived in the home/was concerned the lights were on/door was open at 2am. Called the NON-EMERGENCY # to check on the fam. It is WILD that ppl R blaming him smh…