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Summary of smh

Haven't given head in a month smh my throat probably thinks I died 😭😭😭😭

@ybeeezyy @lynsharae I hate it but all my brothers like it smh but fuck it !

@bellejorden Dang 500 bucks??? That better be a big ass goody bag and James better take me out to lunch geez. Smh

some people just don’t understand that others have their own shit too. smh

@wlfrene 😂yea deadass idk how it works out for sum people to do it every fucking day like fasting alone sucks and to workout as well smh

So the MSM is drooling over Biden's third run for President but Hillary needs to step back. SMH.

You can watch game of thrones for 3hrs but wont read the Quran for thirty mins. Subhanallah. Smh. Repent!

Avs Sharks game 2 at 530 Sunday. Gonna be started GoT late so I’m gonna have to stay off twitter during a playoff game smh

Looks like I should have bought my "Endgame" tickets already, cause it's apparently sold out for the first few days here... Smh

Read this article. Then remember the Liberals want to cut public schools to give bigger handouts to the top end of town.…

Saudi Arabia beheads 37 people, including minors, without due process. It pinned 1 body & severed head to a pole as a warning. Reaction by UN Human Rights Council: 0 resolutions 0 urgent sessions 0 commissions of inquiry Saudi Arabia sits on @UN_HRC.…

And you wonder why the Liberal Party are happy to cut billions from public education when they preselect candidates like this. #ausvotes…