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Summary of sjw

@BreitbartLondon Seems right, apparently not so afraid of homeland if it is a vacation. SJW logic

@BTC_de_Blog @danielwingen @CarstenBKK How very nice of them. You can check the $Dash proposal system for sponsorship if you want. Thanks to the "omerta" of the Crypto-press, they have to run and fund their own media outlets. PS: I like "toxicalists". The SJW of crypto.

@sunlightbarnes Now I wait for an sjw to get mad over a joke

@jakpost Climate change. Here we come sjw and wokesters

@NomuraMDO Da pra usar o meme do 'oh shit, we are go.again' tantas vezes

@Michelinyou @AndrewYang Trump's push for no more racism to students based on SJW notions of stacking by race but accepting top candidates no matter race which will mean a much larger % of Asian students.. this could easily lead to a future Asian American POTUS graduating from an Ivy league college.

@SabroeSteve @mustbtaste @ayythedragon @hollandgame They can't back up what they're saying because they realize that every point they try to make contradicts their ideals. I once met an SJW said because I'm black, I HAVE to like Brie Larson, because apparently that entitled Aryan represents minority struggle. L-O-FUCKIN-L.

Today: 4 tweets railing against Antifa 2 tweets railing against Proud Boys 3 tweets calling them both out Reaction: The Left calls me a racist/fascist The Right calls me a SJW Socialist

Like filmmakers, stand up comedians worldwide should upfront declare disclaimers: ‘My views have nothing to do with truth, facts, context & history.’ Because this SJW knows exactly ZERO about Kashmir. His compassion for Kashmiri Muslim communal separatists is duly noted though.…

Folks, Understand: The Kashmir game is WON diplomatically SLAM DUNK. all you’re seeing now is impotent rage from discredited news houses running the SJW line. @realDonaldTrump farts on @nytimes & @BorisJohnson on @BBCWorld & the Thanis keep @AJEnglish a caged, castrated parrot.…