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Summary of sjw

@JILLSLASTWORD @torontolibrary That's nonsense she has 2nd wave feminist views that centres females in feminism. You are interpreting disagreement as "hate speech" that is very alt left SJW tactic to silence dissent and is a push for totalitarianism in thought and speech control.

@BBCNews is a SJW/activist cartoon. Ignore them..…

@GeeksGamersCom The casting is not the problem, Jeremy. Rather, it is the injection of SJW bull💩! We saw it with the first two episodes of the Disney Wars sequel trilogy, and the Aladdin live-action remake as well. Sadly, it looks like John Wick is also not safe!…

eyyyeaaah'Fucking uh yeah, pretty good - kills sjw nerd - watched and im getting

DemoRat 🐀IMPEACH ring leader SJW🌈❄🎶 Adam Schitf inner HATRED has spilled out in VILOLENT ABUSE of his gay lover🌈🎶! 👽

🙁 triggered by breitbart's sexism

(Bonus least favorite comment) "She's pretty hot and rock's for a SJW...I love Mitski..been a big fan and respect her talents" I'M CONFUSED

@spikedonline @HHepplewhite @FraserMyers It's all rubbish. Of course 'hate crime' is constantly increasing, because the SJW'S are constantly increasing the number of things they decide are 'hate crimes'. And it's surely CONVICTIONS that are the true indication, not fatuous reports?

@Timcast @JordanUhl @AOC No Tim, they’re trying to hypocrisy burn where there is no hypocrisy. AOC, Ilhan etc never said identity supersedes policy. That’s the lazy, stupid assumption they make bc they like to put all lefties in a neat little box like we’re all pink haired SJW college kids

How can these SJW NBA players claim to care about human rights when they support China? China is literally putting people in concentration camps based on religion! They are one of the biggest existential threats to the United States!

Credit where it’s due. Everyone on tonight’s stage is a radical, FARRRR left SJW with the exception of Yang and Gabbard. #DemDebate