Summary of shutdown

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Summary of shutdown

Christian Vazquez with another big home run to give Red Sox a 3-2 lead in the fifth. He’s got four homers already. Sox now desperately need to get a shutdown inning from Eduardo Rodriguez in the bottom of the frame.

@realDonaldTrump Kind of like your golfing? How much does that cost the tax payers. Or like your govt shutdown. Cost alot more than 30 million. Your shutdown cost jobs, lost wages amongst other things. Investigation over 2 years at 30 million. Your shutdown 30ish days and alot more expensive

I feel like my panicking MacBook with all Adobe apps are opened trying to do an emergency shutdown.

@awsten My brain shutdown trying to read that

@Basta_Lies @thehill Well apparently it is because the foundation was shutdown. Wake up.

@JimFreedom2 @realDonaldTrump an org that is out to destroy a country is not a political party. The Dems org is an enemy of the state & shld b shutdown!

My body has gone into sever shutdown mode... I haven’t felt like this since day 3 of indie holy shit

@Z1BattleRoyale seeing shutdown in the title gave me a mini heart attack....

Justin Trudeau was auditioning and practicing in demagoguery years ago. Funny to hear him say he believes in the rule of law. Funnier to hear him say he believes in free speech. Same guy who has shutdown the SNC-LAVALIN inquiries with his majorities in the HC and Senate.…

2/ and Trump went along with it. When Trump has been more focused on policy - shutdown, immigration, healthcare - he has trapped himself.

[WATCH]: Advocate Brenda Madumise, from the Total Shutdown Movement tells us why she has joined the #EFFWomensMarch.