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Summary of showerthoughts

The first telephone couldn’t have worked without the second telephone via /r/Showerthoughts

Marvel took characters that nobody knew of and made them worldwide icons, while DC took some of pop cultures most beloved characters and made them forgettable jokes. via /r/Showerthoughts

imagine a world where when a new game comes out you can't go back to the previous one. no matter how good was it #showerthoughts

Surprisingly, death metal isn’t appropriate for funerals #showerthoughts

You know how the changing economic realities of the creative industries have rendered the concept of 'selling out' irrelevant for a new generation of content providers? What if they haven't and you're all just lazy, compromised, profligate, line-hopping scum? #showerthoughts

We probably like the smell of fresh cut grass because our ancestors would smell that then find a herd of dinner over the hill. #showerthoughts

There are so many fake showerthoughts that people started criticising real ones because they have no thought put behind it and they "make no sense". Yeah no shit sherlock.