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@LuciHoneychurch @signal26 @SethAbramson Well, then you can't judge Seth or his book because you will give neither of them any consideration. "You cannot judge a book by it's cover" works with actual books, as well. You don't read it, you can't criticize it.

@thehill @SethAbramson Laughing stock of the world. Not buying that percentage

@SethAbramson It doesn't matter what Giuliani tweets what matters is the message he gets out. Disinformation is the name of their game.

@SethAbramson Nothing screams intelligence like a guy who eats a McDonalds burger and fries with a diet coke. *Facepalm squared*

@SethAbramson In other news Seth Abramson is not the Abraham in the bible, even though they are not spelled the same.

@debsinfla @361Seaman @SethAbramson @realDonaldTrump learn from ea other. Vets, don't discourage enthusiasm, support it. Newbs, don't push vets out, Support them. Any campaigning against Pelosi, I'll be actively campaigning against them. I've had enough of Dems repeating repub talking pts. It's stupid. They're being put on notice.

@SethAbramson hold on a sec. after looking it over, it reminds me of Trump the motherfucking traitor's original *doctor's note* -- the one that the doc recently confessed that Trump dictated to him; he just wrote what the narcissist told him. ya think? ...

@SethAbramson @Laura_E_Adkins We had a great copy-editor from Rutgers. He asked substantive questions, too, which helped us rephrase sentences that he clearly didn’t understand as an outsider to our topic. Fact-checking was ours to do, but we didn’t write a book like yours, which requires fact-checkers.

@karen_kparks2 @TracyLawrenceMA @SethAbramson So @karen_kparks2 calls me a traitor and then blocked me for having the gall to deny her allegation.

@CivRightsAtty @SethAbramson All conspiracies are collusions, but not all collusions are conspiracies. You can collude with a friend to do a harmless prank on another friend, and that is not illegal. If you collude with someone to break the law, then it is conspiracy.

Here's my weird Trump Russia thing of the day: I've read or heard Lev Leviev's name three times today, 1) in a story @sarahkendzior linked, 2) in a chapter of @SethAbramson & 3) an episode of @MuellerSheWrote #leviev #TrumpRussiaCollusion

@SethAbramson His statements are political, not legal, aimed at a small, declining and ignorant (wilful or not) slice of the electorate. When this gets litigated through a legal court process or a political congressional impeachment process, Rudy’s BS will count for naught.

@SethAbramson That’s the sickest thing about this. He sold us all out for what? A couple of properties worth billions. A billion is a lot of money but Jesus Christ. It’s the most disturbing and selfish act ever committed by a human being.

Amazing that he couldn't even use proper grammar in answering the most important question of his life. ❎ "I never worked for Russia." 🆗️ "I've never worked for Russia."

3/ Donald Trump *orchestrated* the firing and libel of lifelong public servants as part of a campaign of criminal obstruction of justice, and now he is *crowing* about what he did on Twitter daily with media simply putting his tweets up on the screen without comment. It's insane.

Trump fired Comey. Trump's campaign NatSec chief, Sessions, fired McCabe. Baker and Page *chose* to leave the FBI. Strzok was fired *despite* recommendations he get a small suspension. *Any* media reference to how these folks left the FBI without these facts is pro-Trump disinfo.