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@SethAbramson You are brilliant, a fantastic logical and legal thinker, and extremely brave to come forward as you have done. The American public should be grateful for your work. I know I am!

@kylegriffin1 @SethAbramson Presidential debate with all these women in the direct eye contact level row with trump.

@Will_Bunch @SethAbramson Republicans are collectively power hungry authoritarian hypocrites devoid of morals or values. Democratic leadership, meanwhile, is spineless and endlessly chasing a demographic that no longer exists. Oh, and allowing blatant propaganda to be labeled “news”.

@SethAbramson @VeronicaSam13 This is why so many more of Trump's victims are afraid to come out.

@SethAbramson you remember that comment was regarding Turkey, right?

@SethAbramson Stop defaming Christians by equating then with Evangelical Cultists. Thanks. Have a blessed day.

Truth 👊…

@SethAbramson Those in the #CultofTrump have ABDICATED: EVERY ounce of their "christianity", EVERY flicker of autonomous thought, EVERY input of rational perception and EVERY modicum of decorum to follow at the heels of a person whose very being is antithetical to American ideals and values.

@SethAbramson She is not wrong though. I DO want her silenced because all she does is lie and commit ethics violations. Firing her is totally reasonable for her behavior.

@SethAbramson We respect and appreciate you! I look forward to what you have to say every day! Thank you!!!

PROSPECTIVE COALITION MEMBERS: Saudi Arabia UAE Egypt Bahrain Israel If these countries make up the bulk of any supposed coalition the Trump administration puts together, PLEASE understand that Trump has a prior understanding with these nations and this ISN'T a new negotiation.…

Hey @MeetThePress: What Trump says he negotiated: $450 billion over an unspecified time What he negotiated: $350 billion in done deals over 10 years What we got: $70 billion in *promises*, two years in What the industry says it can support: $45 billion Trump's markup: 1000%…

I 100% believe Trump is a rapist—but in fairness it's only because I've looked at the evidence, am intimately familiar with rape and sexual assault cases from my prior work as a criminal defense attorney, and have watched Trump tick every consciousness-of-guilt box for four years…