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Summary of rockets

@ThePackageJG @_2human @PointGod_ If a player has to exercise some demons I a lot for that, with that I would say LeBrons floor is the 2016 finals. What Curry was doing vs the Rockets pre KD being out was disgraceful.

I just imagine myself SHOTTING rockets

@WiredInZero Eh sort of. You harvest "science" by exploring different targets, to unlock new parts. You also need to grind "missions" for "funds" to be able to build rockets. Unless you play on sandbox where everything is unlocked and free

@Luckyleftymando @MAL___ Nah. Russ is great. No doubt about it. But there are a lot of guys that could do that. But realize it would be detrimental to the team. The way he plays won’t win a chip. Just like the rockets won’t when Harden tries to do what he does in the reg season

What if Gaza's rulers actually fed their own people instead of spending all their money on rockets & terror tunnels, which cost tens of millions?…

Painful scenes as the White Helmets teams arrive at the location of an attack by regime forces. 14 rockets, including 4 loaded with cluster bombs, targeted two schools in #KafrNable City in southern #Idlib killing 3 civilians including a child, and injuring 7 others.