Summary of reylo

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Summary of reylo

finally asking a question ive been too afraid to ask until now: why does everyone hate reylo again ? like i get not liking ships but ive seen ppl go out of their to specifically bash on reylo like what is the deal with that

i jus......... lov reylo so much u guys

#Reylo fam...I'm currently in a conversation with an anti. Poor fellows.

If Kylo ren dies: we riot If Rey is a skywalker: we riot If the ending doesn’t have reylo: WE. RIOT.

A SPARK OF HOPE 💫 by JoieSW (M) 17/? One year after the events of The Last Jedi, the Resistance is almost extinct. Only a dozen Resistance fighters are left. They hide on a small planet, usually only known by smugglers, Numidian Prime....

THE BLACK KNIGHT ✨ by Slypolars (E) 1/? Rey has been surrounded by cold men all her life, she would not let this one break her.

STAR WARS DAISY RIDLEY CONDEMNS TOXIC SJW FAN CULT “REYLO”. It’s worse than you think. Here’s truth.

time to bring back my favorite reylo fic 😉

test Twitter Media - time to bring back my favorite reylo fic ;)