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Summary of q

@amywilson @CommutingLarry I think to get Lodi you have to answer yes to Q. 138, "Are you Glenn Danzig?"

@Lockheed_1988 @TeamTrump @realDonaldTrump Thank you for the quote....Adams our 2nd and Dem or John Q our 6th and Republican...thanks again.

@NBCNightlyNews So long as he keeps the country divided he has done his job? Jesuit Oath. All but one JFK. So he appeared to be different but he plays the same games. Right believes in Q. Left believes in selling out w hurt feelings. Corrupt Government no matter who’s in office.

Q. Did you hear about the auto body shop that just opened? A. It comes highly wreck-a-mended. #jokeoftheday

Q: Avoiding a spectrum by using empirical relations doesn't work everywhere. A: True, be careful for K-dwarf and more massive. #exostar19

@pjakma @ShanyDrainy @francismccloy Who is he? Can you point me in the right direction?

@kevron7711 @Ecnerwal23 Not at all. I don’t know a single Sox fan that was hoping Q would implode. Same thing with Sale, as much of a cock as he could be at times.

Best Q/A explanations to all questions regarding EVM machines used for Indian elections. By a young IAS officer Bhavesh Mishra who conducted elections himself. Wish the ECI used services of young officers like him to clear the misinformation campaign.…

Q: Will anyone else be flying around the stage other than Jungkook? A: #iHeartBTS #BTSxNYC 🤣

You can’t vote on well-founded Articles of Impeachment (unlike the Clinton Articles), much less a real Impeachment Trial in the Senate, without FIRST holding a well-conceived Impeachment Inquiry in the House. So that inquiry must begin NOW unless impeachment is ruled out. Q.E.D.