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Summary of psvue

@scottcoleman55 I’ve had sling and now have psvue.... so much cheaper but the user interface, remote for any of the devices (no channel numbers so a ton of scrolling), and overall experience is so shitty... but yeah, the price

Did psvue skip or did Clint just completely ignore the question about coming off pit road? Weird interview... #NASCAR

@NESN using NESNGO in Portland, ME and the Sox game is blacked out with my PSVue sign in. Is this going to be the case throughout the season?

@megalutou @CarmichaelDave @NBA I feel like PSVue looks at your home location so it should work (don’t quote me as I haven’t gone far enough out of my zone since getting it to test)

@PlayStation when are we going to have a weather channel on #PSVue #PlayStationVue

@PlayStation please let us download the TNT app and miss us with the psvue shit

@holadamilola Man they need to at least add some real TV providers. I was prepared to use a login but they only accept Hulu, YouTube, PSVue, etc. Idk how this is supposed to work lol.

@dcaron28 @UnivisionSports Yeah, if only PSVue carried Univision. Agreed

@Dansgaming What do you think Hulu, psvue, directv now, and sling are?

@AskPlayStation Watching basketball games and screen stutters constantly like slow motion. Fire Cube, PSVue, watching ESPN, ESPN2, TNT, TBS. I have good wired internet connection

@TheRealXPac @Sling I’ve been using PSVue for about 2 years and it’s been fantastic.

@damienwoody PsVue is where it's really at, but no @TheGarden is tough.. Miss my teams #LGR #KnicksTape

@damienwoody I use PSVue because DTV didn’t offer my sports and YouTube isn’t available on the fire stick. It’s been great.

@damienwoody Garbage I’ve have psvue, sling and dtvnow Sling is pretty legit and so is psVue

I like Hulu as a service but I just can’t deal with it’s interface anymore. As soon as PSVue or YouTube TV have the same channels, I’m out. I like Philo, but I need sports. Hulu will stay as the Goldilocks choice, but I’m not happy

All I really liked watching was the nightly news. But I never get done with work before 7. When I had #DirectTV I could DVR it so I wouldn’t miss it. Not PS Vue. They only say they have a DVR but it has never worked on live network. It’s “restricted”... sucks for me. #PSVue

@ShelMKE turns out they can't show big ten games on fsone in addition to not offering big ten network. going back to psvue.