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Summary of psvue

@ATTHelp Never got any response after 2 weeks of attempting to get help from @DIRECTVNowHelp @ATTHelp with no @cbs on my #Directtvnow. Plus no @nflnetwork. I’m OUT! #PSVue just got a new customer. #canceldirecttv

PSVue never has issues with anyone and their price stays the same most of the time, it's why I picked them.…

@SchultzWNSP My PSVue works really well. My roku is really close to the router though, so that may have something to do with it.

@JaSoN1627 Exactly. PSVue with HBO & Showtime is only $79.99 a month. I’ll miss the NFL Sunday ticket. I had it for over a dozen years. But the extra $120 a month wasn’t worth it. This is supposed to be the last year Directv has the exclusive rights to the NFL Sunday ticket

@JaSoN1627 If you find a way, I’m interested myself. I cancelled Directv last month. I was tired of paying $200 a month. Now with PSVue.

@AskPlayStation PSVue, why do certain commercials ALWAYS freeze and lag? Not all commercials but certain ones do it every time.

@Jessica_Gouin09 @Sling @FOXSportsDet We stream through PSVue or use google chrome cast! Love it!!

@AskPlayStation We get the broadcast through the local station on antennae and we get the local station in PSVue. I feel like blacking out the game for the Austin area is a mistake.

@BDavisAAS If you haven't committed already check out @fuboTV They are a streaming service like Sling TV and PSVUE, but more sports oriented.

@BDavisAAS I would recommend trying a few different services. They all give a free one week trial. You can try YouTube TV, PSVue, Hulu Live, and Sling and get a free month while you decide which service you want. I’m using PSVue but I dislike the < > >> controls.

@Tony_1568 @Red_1976 @JIreland80 Psvue has maybe a 10 sec delay at times. I can live with it. Wouldn't know about it except I'm on twitter during games sometimes and see people's reactions to what happened.

@FSUmanager @JIreland80 I'm with Brandon. Hulu freezes A LOT during live sporting events which was the kicker for me. PSvue has been awesome.

@JIreland80 Smh PSVue is where it’s at, but anything is better than dish/cable.

@giddyartistlove No it doesn't. I've been through this. Boxee. Sling. Hulu. Amazon. Netflix. YouTube. Psvue. Google tv. Nvidia shield. Apple TV. She wants cable service but Comcast is pushing the overly convoluted X1 system on everyone