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Summary of potus

@fogcityfraiser @Franklin_Graham @POTUS Typically Good Friday is on....Friday...not Thursday. But nice trying to smear a great man during Holy Week.

@kbq225 @mavnut41 @POTUS I sure am praying they see justice! I know God can grant my prayers

@Amara_Magick After the Truth Reporting News read the unredated portions of the Rprt, all intelligent Americans know that @POTUS is a criminal & a liar.

Mueller Report: According to notes from Jody Hunt, when Potus learned of Mueller’s appointment, he said “Oh my God. This is terrible. This is the end of my Presidency. I’m f-----.”

Barr served the @POTUS well today but he did a terrible disservice to the institution of the DOJ.

So let’s get this straight — POTUS & his entire campaign are innocent. Yet, the nation wasted nearly 3 years trying to determine if he was an “agent” of Russia, as Obama’s fmr head of CIA labeled him. Americans must know WHO tried to deliberately take-out a US President.