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Summary of pirateproxy

@TheLiberal_ie Wont work, waste millions of taxpayers money, and will just encourage parents to do nothing, because the government will parent for me attitude. Anyone who thinks this will work, just remember that the Irish government also banned the pirate bay, so...

@ScarletCatalie It sounds dumb but they've censored some explicitly gay lines and removed an iconic part of the soundtrack... If you're fine with torrenting then this version is much superior…

@agentofhonesty @RENUAIreland It is completely impossible, asking Gov to parent our children is a dangerous thing. Remember the Irish government blocked the pirate bay for example? Education is the only way. There are numerous ways parents can control their child's internet use,

@penguinhowler @HavaldarShinde (1/1) Go to google and search for bit torrent - Then download the relevant version of application and install it - Then for movies search for pirateproxy.