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Summary of p411

@OneEvilGun TER doesn’t exist in the United States anymore if you aren’t aware yet... and P411 doesn’t accept reviews. A lot of girls work on their period, you gents just don’t know.. we good at this. I’m done. Have a nice day mr.Texas

@DatesWithLexi Well Sweetheart.. I never want anyone to miss out on making money or having a bad time...😊 The few bad clients I had on p411...and we are talking less than 5 in 7 years... I had them removed.. So, just drop me a note if you ever need a reference... I'm happy to help..😊

@DatesWithLexi Really?!? Hmm... I didn't know that some of you ladies were having trouble... removing your okays..from p411 when a good guy good bad...🧐🤔 Thank you ladies!! That is very enlightening information and I appreciate everyone's feedback!! 😘😘

Available days this week are Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning for more info email! #Orlando #companion #p411 #eroticmonkey #mco #incall #outcall #orlandoconventioncenter