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Summary of onehallyu

@mochirvng Okay, validated your account now~

why is nobody updating preorders on twitter or in the onehallyu thread?

Ow shit if @OneHallyu dies , my DreamNote archive will be gone 😱

@OneHallyu Additionally, notifications are not working and content lists are not updating to who has made the most recent post for each thread.

@OneHallyu Hello, I'm trying to add a post onto a thread, but for some reason, I can't add it. I suspect this is due to some issues in the servers and the algorithm that generates new pages for threads. The thread already has 20 posts, for your information.

@Onehallyu why is still some idol main threads doesn’t show the latest post?????

@mochirvng Sorry, don't have access to the email atm. What username did you sign up with?

@Arcana_XV Sorry for the wait! You should be good to go now 🙂

@waifus_only Hey, I verified your account for you. Let me know if you have any issues!

@SilveKillua Hi there, what username did you sign up with? I'll verify it for you.