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Summary of onehallyu

Classroom of the Elite Volume 9 (Chapter 6) – Part 4…

test Twitter Media - Classroom of the Elite Volume 9 (Chapter 6) – Part 4

she is determined to find true love in her own plot-line and circumvent the author’s plans for her character by utilizing the flashes of storyboard she alone is able to see. # Source: onehallyu #

VIVIDFILM VVF Twice Chaeyoung fansite being EXPOSED as Jinnabit (Ex Sulli crazy akgae) back in 2017 THREAD…… @Seasoninthesun9 @vividfilm0423 you (1person) need to check if this true or not about your past? and make statement. i don't want you do the same thing to #TWICE . and if indeed they are toxic, i suggest ONCEs just unfollow/block em. no need to bully.

@SpringBlossomGO its ok dont worry as long as that crazy psycho gets exposed is fine and thanks. But are more proof than what is posted in Onehallyu? cuz if theres more that would be totally helpful

@strangxblue @RVcrave just made a topic. that psychotic needs to be gone forever.…

i remember people on onehallyu were jumping on the bandwagon hate against her, literally calling her mentally unwell cause she left her group & didnt wear a bra. its fucking sick how mindless people can be in their hate and their thirst for entertainment. and it makes me so

@mayfairemoonB @allyjung @Haekoko Me too. I googled it & read it here…€™s-lolita-hypocrisy/