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Summary of onehallyu

Concert is tomorrow! Onehallyu is still down, I miss spaming my mess in the Chen thread lol

@OneHallyu @vosxcherie So the roughly 30M won I earned through hardwork really was all just a waste of time?

Can onehallyu start working again I actually liked the kyuhyun thread fuck

@DePhocas48 someone on my cc wanted to ask you something: "can you ask DePhocas48 if she/he is planing to make a snh48 thread on hallyu+? since i don't think onehallyu will start working anytime soon, with the election close it will usefull. thanks"

when i turned stanning frogie into a joke as a defense mechanism because people one onehallyu used to always troll me for stanning him >>>

@lordeloona @Gal_in_luv @taeeecosmos95 @jiminpark02 i've literally never shaded jimin's voice ANYWHERE and definitely not on fucking onehallyu. get a fucking life you fucking weirdo.

@akbimbos @Gal_in_luv @taeeecosmos95 @jiminpark02 Oh no not akbimbos trying to be righteous like you're not a whole ass jimin anti. Remember when you said he is the only one who needs a vocal coach in bts and shade his vocal with kpop stans on onehallyu😁 don't be a hypocrite queen

Can onehallyu work for once in its life where am i supposed to find gifs now