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@PamelaPatriot @fuzzypeachtree @CajPaLa hahaha yes! i also remember clinging to air america and keith olbermann and watching in amazement as debbie wasserman schultz said "impeachment is off the table' and then when everybody got away. i will not be quiet as it appears that it might happen again

Keith’s just mad that he falsely predicted VGK would, in his own words, “easily sweep” the Sharks. How’d that one go for ya, Olbermann?…

@PhillyFlorida @MalcolmNance Thanks! After Olbermann, Schulz, MHP, and reducing the Rev's show from 5 weekdays to two weekend afternoons, it's easy to believe that @MSNBC would order the Code Red.

@MrsWaddle68 Ok. I haven’t been on Twitter very long. When I first got on, I followed ESPN guy Keith Olbermann. His tweets are almost all requests for retweets to save dogs that are about to be euthanized. That breaks my friggin’ heart.

Does this mean Keith Olbermann will sic his Twitter minions on him?…

@Jeff_Facun @KeithOlbermann @fearthefin @TheFinFactor @Zakman200 @PapaConks @SarahStJohn21 Dude Olbermann should stick to politics, his sports takes are so lazy and surface level.

Sorry, Keith Olbermann, but I'm not adopting any of your pitbulls. 🙄

@greggutfeld Not tryin to be an ahole....those glasses bro. Rachel Maddow-like. Or that other dumbass Keith Olbermann. Small frames man.

Uh-oh Olbermann forgot Vegas had a 3-1 series lead and lost game 6 in double OT, on a PK, on home ice, ina game to clinch. But you're right, one call changed the entire outcome😂😂😂…

It is strange that Dems, in throes of xenophobia and tribalism, show such disinterest in their non-lefty disloyalists and deserters (Doug Jones, Hillary, Olbermann)

@KeithOlbermann @chortletown Hey Olbermann, don't try and assuage your grief by tweeting, put you $$ up, and call @PilotsNPaws have him sent to Columbia MO, I'll take him, he can play all day with my other 4 labs

@jvgocards @ggreenwald Yeah, I remember Keith Olbermann, just after the election in 2016, saying we should blame Russia and claim collusion even if it's not true. I was amused; he'd said it in a half-jokey way. I never thought the media would agree to become the Enquirer for the next 2+ years.

@mtracey Interesting how Michael Moore's gone to ground. He tweeted about his birthday yesterday so he's okay but he was definitely on the Maddow/Olbermann hysterical Trump-Russia derangement tip. One tweet about Mueller Report about to drop; a few tweets about racism and nothing else.