Summary of oil

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Summary of oil

@Happyda73176532 @AmyFor6 @investnorfolk What would be great is a device or filter to absorb the oil, fuel, and other toxic fluids which bilge from the boats in a marina! All it takes is one old or poorly maintained boat to continuously add a toxic cocktail to our waters!

Nothing better than frying your plantain with fresh oil.

If Congress really cared about our vets that die in war they would stop sending them to endless imperialist conquests for oil.

👉Amazon CEO @JeffBezos is the richest man in the world 👉Amazon abandoned it's 100% renewable energy pledge in 2017 for billion dollar partnerships with oil & gas corps 👉Now he's openly planning an escape route from the planet he's helping destroy 🤔

BREAKING: Iran's state TV says Revolutionary Guard forces have seized a foreign oil tanker with 12 crew accused of smuggling oil.