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Summary of o365

New Blog: Using #Flow and #Azure Automation to Upload Files to DevOps. Inspired by a session by @garrytrinder and by an issue raised in the #Flow Community (…) #O365…

test Twitter Media - New Blog: Using #Flow and #Azure Automation to Upload Files to DevOps. Inspired by a session by @garrytrinder and by an issue raised in the #Flow Community ( #O365

@FrankSEC42 @ITSPmagazine @cybersecstu @m49D4ch3lly @C_3PJoe @Infosec_Taylor @shehackspurple @happygeek @Teddybreath @bubblewire @ChrisHInfoSec When both a large portion of your employees are allowed to work outside the corporate network, and a significant amount of your corporate data is also now outside the perimeter (Salesforce, o365, one-drive, concur, workday, etc..) how do you now protect your crown jewels?

@flowertantrums you know it’s bad when O365 creates vomit rip

Keep your construction projects on schedule with an easy-to-use tool to manage and assign resources right in Office 365 and SharePoint #SharePoint #o365 #office365 #constructiontech #constructionsoftware

@Worrelpa @DarrellaaS @_achu @DanielGlenn Yeah, this isn't working the way O365 Admins expect it to. The disabled by default part. Even with the Message Center notice in April, the execution...could have been better.

We are starting to see the seeds of a knowledge graph revolution -… #ECM #Search #Microsoft

@OfficeInsider "digital signing and email encryption" Should be default for all o365 users, and should be enabled the moment an account is created. Ask all your MVP "How to create a Secure O365 Tenant"? and use there best practices to enforce security on all tenant.

@AzureSupport @azuread @Azure @msftsecurity @Microsoft365 @OfficeSupport @Office365 FeedBack: Offer free digital signing and email encryption with S/MIME for every O365 user via tenant portal. Make sure the cert has the tenant info in it, so that we can report abuse of it.

@benthompson They should fork and maintain a secure version of Android, give it away, then charge O365 customers $10/month to enable app sandboxing, custom app stores, etc.

@james_barton Oh no, sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. Please contact support for business products:

My workday has gone like this: *O365 is completely broken, been working for 5+ hours on it now *Puked in my trashcan *Had to cancel an important meeting for above reasons *Still here even after my trashcan

@Office365 I tried uninstall/reinstall but it didn't make a difference. I'm on an Enterprise O365 subscription, in case that makes a difference.

@Andy_Kinnear @dermotor @matthewsgould @NHSX @NHSCCIO @nhscio @AdeByrne @CompareSoftware @Liz_ORiordan @INTEROPenAPI @NHSscwcsu Agreed. Need to see the detail behind the headlines and better two-way dialogue on things like LHCRE, GDE and O365 rather than radio silence.

@arrowdrive @_randolph_west @hackdba @datachick but to setup O365 correctly you need a little more knowledge than how to listen to a GPS device.

@HillaRamo If you can make daily work easier and more efficient by using PowerApps or any other O365 app please do so. Go for it, Hilla!

@somahony73 @kevhowla @fslogix @Microsoft We have rolled out the O365 container to almost 20K users, hardly any issues! It just works...!

IT Engineer: USA - Nagra, Bihar - Nagra USA; IT Engineer; Atlanta, GA; Maintain, develop, & evaluate implementation of new services or functionality related to O365 and/or Windows Server. Mail resume: HR Dept. 101… >> For More Jobs – Please Go2 Our Page!