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MOST INJURIES IN MLB HISTORY!!!!!! Since this is a regular season award this is the one time 103 wins MATTERS!!! What a fuckin JOKE Boone manager of the year and it’s not even close #NYY

Do not see any team trading for him without capacity to extend him. Which limits the pool to LA/NYY? The Yankees don’t really have the assets.

My friend is going to Spain in January that’s my goals fr 🙏🏽

@JWMoons NYY fan: Hou had illegal advantage in 2017. Had they not, NYY wld have won alcs, since Hou beat LA, NYY would have beat LA. Momentum from winning wld have kept going into 2018 and obv wld propelled them past Red Sox to win '18. Definitely wld have won this year, so NYY owed 3 WS

I can tell when someone has secretly animosity towards me but that don’t bother me I keep it cute & classy 💗

Popularity? LMFAO.…

I will never buy a Yankees jersey with a Nike logo on it. Or any logo other than MLB's.

Giancarlo Stanton is ready for two more superstar teammates - he wants NYY to sign both Gerrit Cole AND Stephen Strasburg!!

J.D. Martinez can block trades to three teams. If he can, he'd be smart to make them the teams who have a clear DH need (CWS, NYY, TEX? TOR?) to give himself leverage. 3-team no-trade list doesn't seem like much, but if he's an AL-only player, it's 3 of 14 possible teams.

A year ago I would have seen Gregorius as a long-term priority for the #Yankees. But 1 Tommy John surgery and down season on both sides of the ball later … NYY can still always re-sign him, but the likelihood just dropped.