Summary of nibiru

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Summary of nibiru

You have been blessed by lord Anu @DarylMillers welcome aboard the #mothership 🛸 we will be departing to #Nibiru soon.

@DIMINCHU nibiru, the mysterious x planet which was supposed to end the world in 2012; associated to marduk, the god who created universe in babylonian culture

#NowPlaying Nibiru Ordeal - Gone With The Wind :: Tune In:

@j_nibiru @sango20 Abusing also m trait of butt hurt liberal when he loose an argument.

@guardiannews The leaders here and there really want to take the blame, don't they? But oh, I forgot, you of course profit a lot through this and who cares for the losers anyway. Congratulations. And good luck with your Stockholm syndrome, wealthy people could seem really nice if you crawl.

Hello, friends. Today, I’m proud to make my @RollingStone debut.…

.@Ozuna_Pr discusses the process of making his new album #Nibiru, why he took his time with it, what inspired the title & more.