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Summary of nibiru

Nibiru 2019 update Conspiracist still believe wayward Planet X will DESTROY Earth

oh shit dont mind if i do haha.... (picking up a handful of dog shit from the sidewalk)

hip hop and rap = crap meanwhile im just over here enjoyiing my favorite oddly satisfying kinetic sand video.......

damn....this video compilation is satisfying me so much right now but in a way thats kind of odd.....i cant even explain this shit haha

that oddly satisfying moment when you see a video of liquid pouring in slow motion......

oh did i say powerball? i meant powerman 5000

@nibiru_gamer Damn you’re really running this shit, huh?

@Clip275 That NIBIRU guy you did “do or die” with

“why so serious?” -toprak girgin

when i go to the convenience store to buy scratch tickets i always wear my powerball shirt. that way the guy knows i mean business and he gives me the good tickets