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Summary of nibiru

@DLoesch I was born in 74. I've survived 2 or 3 comets, raptures, countless armageddon, an Ice Age, several Nuclear Wars, doomsday scenarios, Y2K, the coming of the Anti-Christ, the Rapture, Nibiru, 2012. Just like those; AOC, GND, and its 12 year prediction are asinine.

This isn't a new Nibiru conspiracy theory. Perhaps we should be looking closer to home for signs of E.T.

It all make sense this dude is an Anunaki from the planet Nibiru…

As the #poleshift, the Passage of #Nibiru, gets closer, as things get worse, as things become more obvious, denial cracks. This is when events will really accelerate. People previously placated will not hold their tongues. It seems this time may be less than 2 years away.

@creektothewest @WhiteHouse @POTUS Oh every 3500 yrs Nibiru flies near earth. This Ole earth has been torn up by Nibiru b4. So Every 3500 yrs it shows up. It’s wormwood.

@creektothewest @WhiteHouse @POTUS It will turn us on our axies in 28 min that cause 600 mph winds. 12 pt quakes, volcanos blow. Everything that’s happening now & for many Years is Nibiru. Fires, some others are NWO in Calif. trying to kill us all. States will sink Like Florida, two states btw Calif & Colorado

i wonder if my driving instructor that spent a whole class talking about nibiru and indigo children has played Fahrenheit / Indigo Prophecy

@Claudiretamal @WhiteHouse @toker007 DONT TOUCH MY ANOJNTED.” Plez prepare as wormwood Nibiru is on its way. Christ says whyarent you preparing food, water, there will Be no power, no cell phones He says. He’s wants us to prepare every hour of every day. I had been But stopped depressed at what I will loose.

@InterestingSci1 Is that Nibiru in the background? 😋

@nataliehumes1 @WhiteHouse I will surround his body with my feathers of Ptotection.” Natalie wormwood on its way. E q, mud slides, rain sink holes, e q, tidal Waves fires, weird cloud formations all Nibiru. Christ wonder why we are not preparing. He want us to prepare every moment of every hour.

👽no mate, we just ignored them. 🛸we're full. 🌍earth population on 2019-03-26 is ... kinda borked.. #ufo #extraterrestrial #nibiru #aliens #ufosighting #ALF #gohome…

@nibiru_gamer i had just done a report on locusts so I figured I added a lot and also others were probably into bugs

@Kimberl07271353 @WhiteHouse especially chosen, I anointed him, DONT TOUCH MY ANOINTED.” Now Kim you know Christ told us there would be many prophets in the lastDays even children’s dreams. Wormwood Nibiru is on It’s way causing e q, tidal waves, fires, weird cloud formations, sink holes, volcanos blowing

Nibiru Planet X: The Shocking New Discoveries World Beyond Belief 165 Up... via @YouTube