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Summary of netf

TV broadcast: ...and Netflix is due to raise their prices... Mom: do you use that Nextflix? Me: It's Netf...yes, yes I use Nextflix.

so they increasing the price of netf*ix AGAIN huh

Style: Fashion: Netflix Increases Subscription Service Prices> #style

test Twitter Media - Style: Fashion: Netflix Increases Subscription Service Prices>Netf... #style

Wow, yes. Black Earth Rising | Official Trailer [HD] | Netf…:

Check out this photo of JDM Car and Motorcycle on #Yelp…


lmao mcdonalds and wendy’s. trump is the biggest joke 🙄…

What are good Netf/lix series to watch? I dont wanna keep watching the same 3 series over and over lmao

crazy how many men show their girl off and truly love her 👀

lmfaoooo this is trash. not just bc i’m white but bc it’s 2019 and women gotta respect each other bc men don’t. also I ain’t never been unfaithful and i’m hella crazy so fuck off bitch.…