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Summary of neonrevolt

@EMTMind @v_rags @HouseofNeptune @AllahUniversal @patricksready @TS_SCI_MAJIC12 @charmanda9 @NeonRevolt @SadhguruJV Not laughing scared again? Yes, believe it or not Light is a source, semen is Light too.

@andylassner @NeonRevolt ⬆️"SHOW YOUR FACE!" THIS ATTITUDE IS WHY #ANONS ARE ANONYMOUS. ⬆️ Maybe staying anonymous out of fear of "Identity Politics" attacks, or other judgement? What difference does it make what people look like?! Boy, you sure showed your cards. Faces have NOTHING to do with the truth.

@NeonRevolt NR is legit Andy and you're over your head already. You should have blocked and skulked away

@NeonRevolt OMG these people are SO f**ked!

@NeonRevolt Not exactly the best way to say you disagree with a perspective. One that very well could have meaning considering the forces behind these puppets.

@NeonRevolt I agree! ANYONE hurting or exploiting children should get the harshest penalty no matter what side of the aisle they're on. #SaveTheChildren

@NeonRevolt Can you tell me when my book will be delivered??