Summary of neogaf

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Summary of neogaf

@XcloudTimdog Actually Neogaf burned caused they were Pedos like Epstein. So sorry!!

@XcloudTimdog Little history. Travisbickle and I bet 360 versus PS3 for one holiday season for a perma. I’d said 360 would smoke the PS3. Guess what. Oh you know. But those legion of liars and shitboys-Bish never held up the permban. These fucks don’t care. Kind of why Neogaf burned. Bye!

@XcloudTimdog You know what. Let me say this. One who is owed oh so many Neogaf permabans for bets against Sony in the PS3 era for being oh so right on the 360. Fuck the Ponies. Travisbickle, Bish. Looking at you. When I’d said 360 would take the UK and US, buckle up:

Nintendo better have the biggest, most epic January Direct ...… #neogaf

@geoffkeighley Legit show Geoff, great work tonight.

haha because it is how can compare efficiency it will be about raw number thats also why i said even XSX will be RDNA2 ms make sure > than PS5 in term raw number…

The Wolf Among Us 2 Is UNCANCELLED! Trailer Reveal… #neogaf

Thread 'Xbox Series X Announced (Scarlett)'…

EASTWARD demo available for the next 48 hours on Steam!… #neogaf

Sony Brings Good Music to TGA2019 with Ghost of Tsushima… #neogaf