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Summary of neogaf

Microsoft will no longer include Gaming Revenue or XBL Monthly Users in its earnings reports.… #neogaf

Network seeks to become MTV for the gamer generation… #neogaf

Guild Wars 2: The Icebrood Saga - Prologue Bound by Blood Official Trailer… #neogaf

@MzLadeeSuga It is a fun game, beat it twice, it did not sell to well on the xbox which was a shame. I am not mad the ps4 people. Now on the flipside a Sony people did bash the game especially on NeoGaf for no reason. The game even take a jab at that during the

Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince - Story Trailer | Coming Oct 8… #neogaf

Nioh 2 4K Gameplay - Full Demo Walkthrough and Mezuki Boss Battle… #neogaf

Disco Elysium, role-playing adventure game, coming on October 15, 2019.… #neogaf

This forum post reminds me of that old 'Japanese culture, I'm an expert....' thread from NEOGAF…

Noita (roguelite indie game with massive physics)… #neogaf

@DaddyWarpig Was funny to watch him go back and try to sneakily delete all his comments on old NeoGAF where he was constantly shitting on Star Wars as a franchise when he landed a job writing for R1

I'm an Xbox guy but please re-release it with 4K support and patch out that awful NeoGAF reference at the end, thanks.…

@davidscottjaffe Alec Holowka was driven to suicide, and few seem to care. Journalists almost universally headlined his suicide as "passed away," as if by chance. He didn't pass away. He was killed by a cancel culture mob. People have a right to discuss public info surrounding the case.