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Summary of narutoget

@Chemonie1 Your best bet for the first 140 episodes is hulu. After those, the rest are subbed. Episode 141 and on, you can find the dubbed versions on

@angel_gayee I always used but i dont know if the site still works cause i heard they sold the domain. But i think it should still work, it was and still is super popular for naruto streamers. Like the "go-to" site. Dunni about download tho unfortunately

@1kSiIva @lordvonzs Narutoget and watchop big throwbacks

@Xenoblade98 Yooo, my bro and I would hang his tablet off a wall and binge watch episodes of shippuden off of Narutoget all the time We even watched DBGT on DBTV at one point, damn man that shit brings back memories

narutoget, I remember getting up mad early on thursdays just to check to see if there was a new naruto shippuden episode…

anybody remember narutoget lmao…

@lordvonzs i believe it was called narutoget lmao

@lordvonzs I used to watch Naruto on Narutoget back in middle school idk if that site is still up or not


Narutoget Onepieceget Bleachget…