Summary of metoo

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Summary of metoo

@mrjustsaying @FPL_Sage @guardian @Zigmanfreud It not the MeToo movement it the Jim Crow Movement

@TheFliteCast Kinda sad it took someone outside the studio to tell them to do the right thing. I'm glad JJ did it but still. You'd think after #metoo that these execs would have a little more compassion for victims and sense of caution in dealing with him appropriately.

Number of libel lawsuits in UT growing, doubling in 2018: why? Blame #MeToo & SM. @jm_miller in @sltrib quoting @medialawguy on women suing sexual harassers when accused of being liars & SLC atty Jeff Hunt on libel posting on SM.

@realradikaa This is not the answer mam. I am also fan of ur serials but purposely #metoo was criticised in the name of blackmailing as said by chinmayi. But don't know how come some of the jokers still KAMBU SUTHUFYING here. Just accept the fact and move on

@summeryael Bet lot of these cricket #MeToo stories are swept under the rug.

@george_affleck @wrychrd @VancouverSun Where is the increase of volume coming? The domestic students' intake is not increasing? Who are we building it for? What is the cost per head George? Plase kindly explain instead of insulting Elizabeth Murphy. #metoo

@HaymountUMC Please stop promoting the abusive #GLNSummit global leadership summit, who covered up sexual crimes of founder Bill Hybels, slandered his victims, and continue to protect him refusing to condemn abuses. How is that leadership? Do women matter? #metoo #churchtoo #CancelTheGLS

I was shocked that my entire fraternity was either silent or cynical about the #MeToo movement; I silently rued the fact that it would take only the anger of a powerful woman to make the sleeping wake up. If you speak up only when your own are affected, it's not called bravery.

In 2018, there was a sexual harassment complaint against Mr.Radha Ravi by a distressed actress, who feared to reveal her identity. He walked scotfree. A little later Mr.Radha Ravi scandalously & insensitively mocked at the #MeToo movement.

A #NunsToo movement has emerged from #MeToo, as Roman Catholic nuns start speaking out about sexual abuse by priests. Cases of rape and forced abortion have begun coming to light.