Summary of metoo

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Summary of metoo

@MuslimIQ @AbelB67 White supremacists:15 is an opinion. But just after that, what laws about white supremacy should there be? ecause that label is thrown around quite a bit, and could make it look like the Salem witch trials.what happened with the Democratic metoo movement, snakes eating snakes.

#metoo Check out "Dinosaurs ?" from Chronicles of Earth on Tapas…

If it wasn’t for Twitter... most people would have never heard about a BLM or a MeToo ...justice for Cyntonia Brown would not have received such widespread attention ...Etc etc etc

Just walked out of Walgreens. @Gillette just made an anti-male pro MeToo commercial so, despite using their razors for years, today I bought Schick and when I get home my Gilettes go in the garbage. Fuck them.

New @Gillette ad (“We Believe”) focuses on toxic masculinity, “boys will be boys” culture and the #MeToo movement. The ad also quotes Terry Crews: “Men need to hold other men accountable.”

If you find yourself complaining about #metoo, the LGBTQIAQ acronym being too long, People Of Colour talking about systemic& structural racism, then you should probably just stop talking and start listening

Notice who you DONT see talking about this video.... Shea Butter Twitter And the white #Metoo feminists…