Summary of metoo

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Summary of metoo

@Daily_Star Awesome, now any woman you walk in front of will claim #metoo

@BBCr4today Abuse ain't a "private matter". It shouldn't be brushed away that easily. #metoo #abusesurvivor #abused #ToryLeadershipContest

@SpaCare @WebbDorsey2 These so called "whatever". Are making a mockery about their "MeToo" moment. By now what true victim believes or would trust "MeToo"???

*extremely hack comic voice* I see #CancelStudentDebt is trending. You seeing this, folks? What happened! Did it get #MeToo'd or somethin?

There are two "apex" positions for comedians in 2019: one is you are SNL's head writer & post Instagram stories about how much your wristwatch costs. The other is to make your triumphant post-MeToo return to a comedy festival called "ScabieFest" at that landfill on Staten Island

It does seem strange that she would only speak up now, just weeks before her book release. Why didn’t she speak up when other women were accusing Trump during the 2016 election, or at the height of the #metoo movement?…

So Nana is behind Farmer suicides. Wow, what a revelation by the mentor of India’s #MeToo movement. Let’s do an inquiry but what’s the point when people, police, judges, everyone... even Jejus is corrupt.