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Summary of masters

@strongo43 @Masters_JamesD @OrientMeatPie I think the issue is more that the FA ticketing can’t cope with a few Orient fans trying to get tickets. How on earth does it cope with England games?

@GordonRB7 @secretclubprov At the recent Qatar Masters the pros played off the red tees on the 3rd and off the whites on the 5th and 10th. Effects of the weather but similar in context.

#Article13 Article 13. Aka the 13th Commandment "Though shalt not irritate thy masters with contrast perspectives, or attempt to reallocate their shit"

President Trump has been right on #FakeNews from the beginning. And make no mistake, he's the only person I know in this country who could've stood against the daily vicious, vile attacks of the national left wing media and their corporate masters. #MAGA #AmericaFirst #Dobbs…

Hudson-Odoi speaking so eloquently here while describing the racist abuse both he and Danny Rose suffered while playing tonight. Says Montenegro fans made monkey noises at them. Disgusting.

Some of the worst misinformation, botched stories and bad reporting about the Mueller probe came directly from @CNN. No surprise to see Zucker's CNN mouthpiece rush to defend his corporate masters. Shameless.…