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Summary of maliaobama

@KimKardashian @realDonaldTrump @SecPompeo . I bet you s million dollars that even tho @BarackObama isn’t president anymore, he would have gotten #ASAPRocky out of jail. Shit, #MaliaObama could have called the Swedish PM and gotten him out

@soledadobrien What's really $ick & insane; is the way hypocrites #FakeNewsMedia has always tried to drive a wedge between Ivanka & her dad. Not once; have I ever heard any one of you, ask @ChelseaClinton what she thought about @BillClinton or now that she's old enough #MaliaObama @BarackObama

Like dad like daughter #maliaobama…

@BarackObama Can't believe how grown up the girls are. Young ladies now. Happy birthday 🎂 to @MaliaObama