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Summary of lisamei62

@meandmbb @LisaMei62 It's been about a month & I read another post that clarified military gets 30 day furloughs x1/yr. Trump mentioned something big by around the 28th. Another I follow from WH says big stuff this week perhaps Q back before July 4th?

@LisaMei62 The Oath of Office is the key! A legal and binding contract with the citizenry to honor the Constitution AS WRITTEN! the purpose of the Oath is to control the government. It has NO other purpose! We must use the tool as intended.

@LisaMei62 What happened to all of that donated money earmarked for Haitian relief. 9.6 percent found its way to the Haitian government. The Clinton Foundation funneled 5.4 billion to non Haitian organizations.

@LisaMei62 I try my best to stay away from google

Great news! Now they can be investigated for violating FEC election law. #breakupBigTech…

@zenziana @LisaMei62 Right?! Yet they cry Russia, Russia, Russia. But it’s ok for them to influence.

@LisaMei62 I bet a tear came to your eye when you found out that Klaus Eberwein, a former Haitian official who was going to testify against you and your husband was found dead in Miami from a gun shot to the head


This man prophesied things he didn't get to see before he unexpectedly died. Kim Clement Prophecy - IRAN, TRUMP AND MORE! @prayingmedic @lancewallnau @JoeyNoCollusion @LisaMei62 @annvandersteel @Chrismc44

@LisaMei62 Go get her, Lisa Mei! You're right on target.