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@JasonSCampbell @lauraingraham_ Would like to treat migrants seeking asylum as a stray dogs that come on your property and shoot it.That woman should be barred for life from doing any Media.

#lauraingraham You are brilliant, but pls stop talking to us like we're an elite college class & you're the professor. You say words such as"bromides" & the normal person does not know what you mean. Can you talk normally? Humble yourself & we'll better understand what you say.

#LauraIngraham I thought I heard you saying that the illegals children were not fact, that they were like in “summer camp”?!

#LauraIngraham I’m sorry but I am watching right now, and they are not showing the real wired “cages” filled with kids, but some indoor facility with men in it.

@lauraingraham you need to control your guests. I change the channel when they just spout talking points at each other

@CharlesMBlow @lanah03 Funny, my people say that about #LauraIngraham. We shouldn’t have let her immigrant ancestors in!

They’re praying in congress meanwhile they want to take prayer out of school.. I can’t understand their logic they are all over the place. #Trump2020 #FoxNews #TheStory #Tucker #Hannity #LauraIngraham real news with both sides of the pond 🎣

CONTEXT THIS HANNITY #CallMyPillow 800-544-8939 Crash the phones Cost them business until they #DropFox and send a message to other advertisers #fireHannity @SeanHannity #CarlTucker #LauraIngraham #TheResistance @slpng_giants @mmfa @MoveOn…

The first tweet in this thread should have referenced @IngrahamAngle, rather than @lauraingraham. Thanks for that edit option, Twitter.

Every since I mentioned @KamalaHarris in a Tweet a few days ago, the torrent of horrendously insulting, racist, misogynistic & obscene things Tweeted at me about her by Trumpers & trolls is like nothing I’ve ever seen. And it was compounded when @LauraIngraham Tweeted at me. 1/8