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Summary of lauraingraham

How the hell could @RealCandaceO say that @RepMaxineWaters has a low IQ? Then go onto say “@realDonaldTrump is not offering [Blacks] hot sauce but jobs & [Blacks have used] race hustling as a business.” Extremely disturbing #LauraIngraham

The Ingraham Angle 5/22/19 | LauraIngraham Fox News May 22, 2019 via @YouTube watch Laura show it's good

@RealCandaceO I'm watching you on #lauraingraham and you are destroying him in this debate

@marklevinshow All #TuckerCarlson & #LauraIngraham do is take cheap shots at those not present

@NAT36920019 @reneerose31 @NRO @AnnCoulter @lauraingraham @FoxNews @bralalalala @KatTimpf Timpf has been known to retweet Bralalalala talking about her in a less than positive light ...but never retweeted Bralalalala complimenting her...she definitely has some “issues,” with Bralalalala

@NAT36920019 @reneerose31 @NRO Let me know when @AnnCoulter, @LauraIngraham, @Foxnews and all the other opinion columns ban @bralalalala who probably agrees with them even less than @kattimpf on most issues but still is allowed to tweet there. @kattimpf doesn’t want a trans speaking out against her!!

#lauraingraham this is my first tweet ever. Chuck and Nancy don't want to let Trump handle infastructure because they know he will do a great job. All they want to do is stiffle him and hope nobody noticieses.

@briantylercohen @NicolleDWallace #LauraIngraham to make a comment about him sticking to just movies in 3.2.1